Castleknock College Union

Class '06 - 10 Year Reunion Alert

College, Strawberry Hall then Krystle

Oct 29, 2016
Class '06 - 10 Year Reunion Alert -

it's back to the Ref for lunch!

Calling Class '06 to their 10 year reunion. The date is set: Saturday 29 October 2016

The Itinerary as it stands at the moment:

Saturday 29 Oct 2016

  • 12pm: College Tour kindly hosted by Fr. Slevin
  • 1pm: Lunch back in the College Ref followed by lap of the crease
  • 3pm: 10pm - Drinks followed by Dinner at Strawberry Hall
  • 10pm - late: Zozimus Bar area booked and details to follow closer to date

If required those travelling need to book their own accommodation, but will not be required if you last the full shift at Zozimus!

Jonny Cosgrove is your lead organiser, with deputies Tom Delaney, Shane Kelly, Darren Louth, Daragh McCarthy, Niall O'Donoghue and Tom Walsh also on the case.

Can you email Jonny to confirm if you can make:

  • College Tour & Lunch (free tour, lunch approx €20/25 per head)
  • Strawberry Hall (approx. €30 per head plus drink)

Payment options + party bus into town to be worked out nearer the time.

Roll on the reunion!