Castleknock College Union

Dáil Éireann Tour

Leinster House, Kildare St, D2

Nov 15, 2016
Dáil Éireann Tour -


Marc MacSharry, class '91, our only sitting TD at this time, has kindly offered to host a tour around Dáil Éireann for junior Knock men. Tour parties are capped at 30 heads so once again we'll be operating a strict first come - first served basis, so if you wish to attend, BOOK EVENT NOW without delay to reserve your ticket.

Event Dáil Éireann Tour
Date 7pm Tuesday 15th November
Open to Junior Pastmen
Cost Nil

I look forward to seeing many of you for what should be an enjoyable Tuesday evening around the corridors of power.

Ian Garrigan,

Junior President