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Virtual Event for Pastmen: Resilience with Pat Caslin

Oct 14, 2020
Virtual Event for Pastmen: Resilience with Pat Caslin -

Virtual Event for Pastmen: Resilience with Pat Caslin

Date & Time: Wednesday 14th October, 12.30pm start

Location: Zoom

Free to Union Members

As we face many unknowns, our ability to sustain resilience will be vital. More than ever, in an uncertain future, our families, friends and colleagues will need us and we will need them. In this first in a planned series of lunchtime talks for Union pastmen, Pat Caslin, who has multiple sclerosis, can put many of these challenges into perspective, and explain how he has unearthed and maintained strength through adversity.

Pat is an inspiration and his lunchtime talk is also an opportunity for us all to connect as pastmen. The format is a 30-40-minute talk on Zoom, followed by a moderated Q&A. If you are interested in attending, please RSVP at the event here.

This is the first in a series of planned virtual events this year. The Union will continue to find ways to be of service to its members, at a time when social gatherings of any size are unlikely, for the medium term at least. The business of the Union in supporting its members through fundraising, networking, mentoring and other initiatives, will continue.

Mentoring scheme: open to all

At this time in particular, many pastmen may benefit from advice and guidance from a mentor. So a reminder that the mentoring scheme is open for Union members. You can apply for mentoring, by filling out this short form here: and we will pair you with one of over 20 mentors already registered with the scheme.