Castleknock College Union

1942-43 SCT Campaign

Senior House Rugby

Feb 28, 1943
1942-43 SCT Campaign -


Captain of the House.-H. O'HAGAN. Vice-Captain.-D. O'Connell.

Hon. Secretary.-N. MCQUILLAN.


IT WAS really an experimental team which took the field for this, our first match of the season. Judging by the game we seemed to have a good pack, but it would need practice in scrummaging. Among the backs, who combined none too happily, Noel McQuillan showed a rare turn of speed and was responsible for two scores. Altogether we seemed to have quite good material to work on during the .year.

Team.-H. O'Donoghue, G. Clenaghan, N. McQuillan, J. Brennan, H. O'Connor, P. O'Donoghue, R. Carroll, H. Steen, J. Cooney, J. Kinneen, H. O'Hagan, E. Boylan, D. O'Connell, H. Flannery, D. Kilgallen.


We had two changes for this match: Harry Barniville came on instead of Hugh O'Donoghue, injured in the last match; and Joe Bourke replaced Dermot KilgaIren. The team gave a disappointing display in every department. The backs did not come up quickly enough on their men, while the forwards played a scattered, disjointed game.


The team showed several changes for this match. Des. Higgins made his first appearance at centre, while Noel McQuillan replaced Paddy O'Donoghue (injured) at out-half. Joe Brennan played as wing forward, and the pack included a newcomer Paddy McGeough, with last year's stalwart, Paddy Browne, playing his first match of the season. The day turned out wet, and this was thought to favour Mountjoy who play a vigorous forward game. However, we 'gained the upper hand during the first half and were leading by I I points to nil at half-time. The second half told a different story. Mountjoy's forward rushes played havoc with us for the forwards did not bind together against them. They soon piled up 11 points, and at the final whistle were rather unlucky not to have won.


For this match Noel McQuillan went back to his position as centre where he had Eamonn Boylan for a partner. Des. Higgins replaced Gerry Clenaghan on the wing. The team gave a most encouraging display in this match. The forwards were always on top both in tight and loose, while the backs combined well and were always up quickly on their men. Ray Carroll was an effective link with a backline in which Des. Higgins and Noel McQuillan played best. Jack Kinneen and Henry O'Hagan were the pick of a good pack.


On the Monday following the Saturday we played Belvedere, we took the field against Mary's. Noel McQuillan was an absentee, and we were further handicapped by the short interval between this and our last match. The St. Mary's forwards completely outplayed our pack in the tight, and consequently their backs got many opportunities, and were 6 points up at half-time. We played the same defensive game in the second half. However, our out-half, Paddy O'Donoghue, got a brilliant cut through from about thirty yards out and scored between the posts. Paddy Browne converted. From this on Mary's made renewed efforts to increase their lead. We were lucky to frustrate all their attempts.


Clongowes unsettled us early on with their forward rushes, but did not score until fifteen minutes from the start when their wing caught a hopping ball and touched down.. From a good passing' movement some few minutes later, Hugh O'Connor scored a try to even the score. However, Clongowes regained it with a converted try, and led 8-3 at half-time. Soon afterwards we missed an easy free at what proved to be the turning point. From this on the the game settled down to a series of sporadic forward rushes. Although we scored another try to bring the score to 8-6 for Clongowes, we never really looked like winning. In the last ten minutes we fizzled out and Clongowes added another IO points to their score.


We were without the services of our captain, Henry O'Hagan in the match against Belvedere. Leonard Meagher replaced Des. Higgins on the wing. Whilst not wishing to detract from Belvedere's fine display in this match, it is only fair to say that the team had an off-day. Backs and forwards alike were poor-the former taking too many dummies, the latter not combining. At no point in the game did we look like scoring, and were 19 points down at half-time. In spite of a slight improvement Belvedere added 13 more points in the second half, and proved winners by 32 points to nil.


Noel McQuillan played on the wing for this match, while Eamonn Boylan and Gerry Clenaghan played in the centre. In the first minute of the game, immediately after the kick-off Clongowes scored at the corner flag. About two minutes afterwards, we heeled the ball from a scrum, started a passing movement and scored per Noel McQuillan-again at the corner flag. The remainder of the first half was a fairly even struggle brightened by some good passing movements. Clongowes had rather the better of the second-half exchanges, but although their backs got plenty of the ball they made poor use of it. Our defensive play was very good, and indeed on several occasions our backs brought off some fine movements. This half was scoreless, and the match ended as a draw.


Jack Fitzharris figured in the centre instead of Eamonn Boylan for this match. The latter came back to the second row while Paddy McGeough moved to replace Jack Kinneen (injured) in the front row. The forwards gave the backs a liberal supply of the ball, but the latter were cramped by the narrowness of the pitch. Following a good forward rush, Henry O'Hagan crashed over for a try which Donal O'Connell converted. Soon afterwards the same player added another try leaving us 8 points up at half-time. Ten minutes from the end Paddy Browne scored a try which Donal O'Connell converted. Noel McQuillan and Hugh O'Connor were our best backs. Kevin Steen backed by Donal O'Connell and John Cooney were outstanding in the pack.


In this our last match before Xmas, there was an all-round improvement noticeable in the team, particularly in the forwards who gave one of their best displays to date. We did most of the pressing in the first half, and on several occasions nearly scored. Herbert Flannery actually did cross their line, but was ruled offside. The forwards slackened off somewhat in the second half, bringing off few of the rushes which characterised the first period. 'Rock began to hammer away steadily at our line, and they got their reward when they scored an unconverted try at the corner flag. We played up well after this setback, but were unable to make up the deficit. Our halves, Ray Carroll and Paddy O'Donoghue, shone all through the game. In a grand pack Donal O'Connell and Paddy Browne were outstanding.



Belvedere up 10 points in ten minutes" read the paper, and this just about sums up the game. Belvedere started in whirlwind fashion. Their forwards tore down the field to our line immediately after the kick off, heeled the ball to their backs and were rewarded by a drop goal. Hardly had we recovered from this setback, when they scored a try and converted it. Right up to the end ·of this half we were on the defensive, and save for a good run by Hugh O'Connor on the wing, never looked ·like scoring.

We improved in the next half, but could not penetrate the Belvedere defence. They added another converted try to their total leaving them 14 points in the lead. This proved the score at the end of the match.

Hugh O'Connor made several praiseworthy attempts on the wing, while Paddy O'Donoghue was the best of the other backs. Noel McQuillan was very closely marked all through, and so got few opportunities. Henry O'Hagan played a captain's part in a beaten pack.

Team.- J. Brennan, H.O'Connor, D.Higgins, J. Fitzharris, N. McQuillan, P. O'Donoghue, R. Carroll, J. Kinneen, J. Cooney, K. Steen, H. O'Hagan, E. Boylan, D. Kilgallen, P. Browne, H. Flannery.