Castleknock College Union

1943-44 Athletic Club

Senior, Intermediate & Junior notes

May 20, 1944
1943-44 Athletic Club -

THOUGH WE started the year with no stars we had an all-round average team and training started before Easter and was well under way before the holidays came. When we came back in summer our first meeting was against 'Rock with whom we drew, 44 points all. In this meeting there was no Hop, Step and Jump, and no Hurdles, and we feel sure that J. Brennan and H. O'Donoghue would have given us the necessary number of points for a win in these events.

Next we challenged Synge Street, whom we defeated 55 points to 47 points. In this meeting the team showed up best and every member gave a good display. Our Senior Relay, comprising J. Brennan, R. Carroll, H. O'Donoghue and P. O'Donoghue, won convincingly in I min. 39 1/2 secs. N. Barry, who was so unlucky to get hurt for the Leinster Sports, jumped 20 ft. 4 ins. in the Long Jump. The Juniors, comprised of B. Moore, B. Brennan, F. Maher, P. Hennessy, B. Jeffers and C. Condon, also did remarkably well. Special mention, however, must be given to P. Domegan for his great performances at this meeting and at the Leinster Sports in winning both the 100 yards and 220 yards Juvenile.

Our next meeting was a triangular contest, between ourselves, St. Mary's and Blackrock, in which bad luck dogged us all through, and we finished about thirty points behind the eventual winners, St. Mary's. Next came the Leinster Sports Trials, on Tuesday, 16th May. Here again our representatives had bad luck all through, especially the Senior Relay in which a misunderstanding between P. O'Donoghue and J. Brennan caused the baton to be dropped, and although we put in a spirited finish we failed to qualify.

Results in brief ·at these Sports were:

  • HURDLES: H. O'Donoghue -Third.
  • JUNIOR 100 YARDS: B. Moore -Third.
  • JUNIOR 220 YARDS: B. Brennan -Third.
  • JUVENILE 100 YARDS: P. Domegan -First.
  • JUVENILE 220 YARDS: P. Domegan -First.

All those who competed and went down fighting, in true 'Knock spirit, we thank most sincerely for their great efforts. Special mention must be made of Ray Carroll's dogged Half Mile, Joe O'Neill's persevering High Jumping, Tom Delahunt's spirited 220 yards, not forgetting Eddie Connellan's herculean Discus throws, Jack Cooney's shot putting and Joe Brennan's fine Hop, Step and Jump.

We thank most sincerely Fr. Murphy, for his untiring efforts in coaching the team.


TROPHIES, 1943-44

  • Kevin Smyth Cup. - J. Brennan.
  • Burke Trophy, for the best public performance¬†in athletic events. - P. Domegan.