Castleknock College Union

1944-45 Athletic Club

Senior, Intermediate & Junior notes

May 26, 1945
1944-45 Athletic Club -

Senior Captain.-Eddie Connellan. Junior Captain.-Frank Maher.

Juvenile Captain.-Cecil Kilgallen.

 A GREAT FILLIP was given to athletics in the College during the Summer term by the League athletic sports and by the presence amongst us here of some of Ireland's foremost athletes who came out on a few occasions. This was the first year the Maxwell Arnott Cup was up for competition among the College leagues. Great enthusiasm was shown for the sports meetings because the high number of points allotted them in connection with the competition for the Cup rendered them the most potential of all the Summer games. These League sports served as a yard-stick to find out all the latent athletic talent and once this was brought forth into the light thorough practising ensued. We had three very enjoyable meetings among ourselves.- Interest in them was heightened by the fact that they came towards the end of the year making them a deciding factor in the winning or losing of the League competition, cup and free day.

There were two athletic meetings during the term with other schools. At the first of these, the Triangular contest at Blackrock, we came off best from Blackrock and St. Mary's. At home we met Synge St., whom we managed to defeat easily. Rain was responsible on two occasions for bringing about the postponement of a return contest with Blackrock and consequently this much hoped-for meeting could not be arranged.

Mr. Tom Travers, who took a keen interest in all athletic proceedings in the College, presented a medal to be awarded to the boy who showed most progress in athletics during the term. The competition resulting from this award was most beneficial to athletics generally and we must thank Mr. Travers and express our appreciation for his nice gesture. Michael McEvoy was the deserving winner of the prize. He first showed signs of talent when competing for his league in the hurdles. By practice he so perfected himself that he was placed second in that event at the Leinster Sports, being beaten only by the narrowest margin.

We should congratulate ourselves on being able to get the services of such eminent athletes as D. Guiney, the Irish 16-lb. shot champion; R. 0' Rafferty, the Irish highjumper; J.. McDermott, the half-miler and J. J. McGuinness, the sprinter. They came out for a few afternoons to give exhibition and advice to their youthful followers. We were very glad to have them and sincere thanks is due to them for all the good work they were instrumental in doing.

Practising was thorough, with the Leinster Sports on May 22nd and May 26th as the ultimate objective. Added to such stalwarts as Noel Flanagan, Brian Moylett and Eddie Connellan we had M. McEvoy, G. Loughney and C. Kilgallen in whom our hopes rested.

The following competed in the trials :-

100 yards
220 yards
880 yards
Hop, step and jump ..
Long jump
High jump
12-lb shot
N. Flanagan
N. Flanagan
E. Connellan
M. McEvoy
J. Fitzharris
N. Flanagan
B. Moylett
B. Moylett
E. Connellan
J. Fitzharris, J. O'Neill, T. Delahunt, B. Brennan
100 yards ..
220 yards ..
Long jump
High jump
7-lb. shot
F. Maher
P. Domegan
B. Lowe
G. Loughney
P. McCabe
F. Maher, P. Domegan, J. McCrohan, P. McCabe
100 yards
220 yards
C. Kilgallen
C. Kilgallen
Old Boys' Relay E. Boylan, R. Carroll, N. McQuillan, H. O'Donoghue

We qualified in all the events competed at the trials and congratulations are due to those who were successful. Rain marred the 26th May, the second day of the Leinster, but this is considered by some to be the customary thing. Indeed, some wit has said that if ever the farmers want rain all they need do is to get the Leinster Schools to announce an athletic meeting! It was really a dismal day for competitors and spectators alike and our hopes of doing even better than we did were frustrated. As it was we did extremely well.

All, without exception, who competed on this day were successful in varying degrees - they all got medals. Mention has already been made of M. McEvoy's brilliant bid for the hurdles event, but a special word is also necessary for Brian Moylett's magnificent high jump of 5 ft. 3 ins., done under such terrible conditions - he had to take off from a veritable pool of mud. The same may be said for G. Loughney who got second in the Intermediate high jump at 4 ft. 10 ins. Noel Flanagan's great long jump of 19 ft. 5 1/2 ins. made on the first day stood to him throughout the second day.

Summary of results :

  • Senior 100 yards: N. Flanagan - Fourth.
  • Senior long jump: N. Flanagan - First.
  • Senior relay: J. Fitzharris, J. O'Neill, T. Delahunt, B. Brennan. - Second.
  • Senior hurdles: M. McEvoy. - Second.
  • Senior discus: E. Connellan. - Third.
  • Intermediate high jump: G. Loughney. - Second.
  • Intermediate relay: F. Maher, P. Domegan, J. McCrohan, P. McCabe. - Second.
  • Juvenile 100 yards: C. Kilgallen.- Second.
  • Old Boys' Relay: E. Boylan, R. Carroll, N. McQuillan, H. O'Donoghue. - First.

We drew with Roscrea College for the Olympic Trophy.

Such, then, is an account of athletics in Castleknock for the year 1944-'45. They were indeed highly creditable. While congratulating those who were successful in the Leinster sports and those who, though not so successful, nevertheless form the majority in being worthy "also rans," it is fitting that we should say a word for the trainer. Thanks is due to Fr. Murphy by whose painstaking efforts yet another glorious page has been added to Castleknock's history on the playing field.


  • Kevin Smyth Cup.- E. Connellan.
  • Burke Trophy.- B. Moylett.
  • Brindley Cup.- M. Hennessy.
  • Maxwell Arnott Cup - (College Inter-League Competition).- Spartans (Captains: J. O'Neill, W. 0'Neill, B. Clancy).
  • Squadron Cup (Swimming and Diving). Winning Team: J. O'Neill, N. O'Dwyer, B. Halpenny, P. Domegan, F. O'Neill, W. O'Donoghue.
  • Sheehy Cup (Handball).- T. Coleman.
  • Murphy Cup (Tennis).- B. Moylett.