Castleknock College Union

1945-46 Athletic Club

Senior, Intermediate & Junior notes

May 11, 1946
1945-46 Athletic Club -

Athletic Notes

 Senior Captain.-Ben Brennan. Intermediate Captain.-Paddy Domegan.

.Junior Captain.-John McGettigan

 IN THE PAST few years the successes of Castleknock in the athletic field have been really outstanding. Our athletes have certainly won their share of trophies. It is, then, not surprising to find that a rather lean year has come our way. This year we were without the nucleus of stalwarts who in the past were responsible for keeping athletics in so prominent a position among the Summer sports. The absence of this element, so potential in itself and of such importance in encouraging the weaker section, is bound to have its effect on athletics. Those whom we had to put forward in competitions practised strenuously but in the long run their best efforts resulted only in their getting placed among the inevitable "also-rans." Ben Brennan is to be congratulated on getting second in the 220 yards race at the Leinster Sports.

At the beginning of the term Fr. Murphy took charge of the athletics. Ben Brennan, P. Domegan and J. McGettigan were elected senior, intermediate and junior captains respectively and it was in them as well as in P. Hennessy,. S. Brindley, P. Hopkins, J. Corcoran, T. Kilgallen, J. McAlinden, B. Devlin, D. Connolly, F. Morris, W. Lowe, B. Kiely and J. McGettigan that our main hopes for successes rested.

The first sports meeting of the season was here when we met C.B.S., Synge St. It was really a very pleasant day's sport. The result of a win for the visitors by 53 points to 52 gives an indication of how keen the competition was from the point of view of those who took part and also how interesting it was for the spectators. Best for Castleknock were B. Brennan who won the Senior Hurdles and 220 yds., D. Connolly in winning the Intermediate 100 yds. and 220 yds., B. Devlin the Senior 100 yds., P. Hennessy the Senior Long Jump and B. Lowe who was best in the Intermediate Long Jump. The following were placed second in their events- P. Hennessy (hop, step and jump), S. Brindley (880 yds.), P. McCabe (12 lb. shot), F. Morris (Senior High Jump) and R. O'Neill (Intermediate Shot). The only other friendly contest in which we took part was the Triangular sports meeting in Blackrock where we were not quite up to the standard of either of our opponents, Blackrock or St. Mary's, Rathmines. B. Brennan did very well in winning the 220 yds. and so did D. Connolly who got second in both the Intermediate sprints. Also placed second were J. Nestor (7 lb. shot), J. McGettigan (Junior 100 yds.), B. Kiely (Intermediate long jump) and the Senior Relay team B. Brennan, B. Devlin, F. Maher and P. Cullen.

The Leinster Sports were held on 23rd and 25th May. On the first day, at the Trials, we were successful in the majority of the events and on the following Saturday we competed in the finals in the following events.

220 yards
880 yards
Hop, step and jump ..
B. Brennan
S. Brindley
P. Hopkins
P. Hennessy
B. Brennan, B. Devlin, P. Hopkins, P. Cullen
J. McAlinden
100 yards ..
Long jump
High jump
7-lb. shot
P. Domegan
B. Lowe
F. Morris
J. Nestor
P. Domegan, D. Connolly, L. Burke, C. Kilgallen



  • Kevin Smyth Cup.- B. Devlin.
  • Burke Trophy.- B. Brennan.
  • Brindley Cup.- V. Hennessy.
  • Maxwell Arnott Cup.- Athenians (Captains: B. Devlin, J. Nestor, J. McGettigan).
  • Sheehy Cup (HandbalI).-E. McCabe.