Castleknock College Union

1946-47 Athletic Club

Senior, Intermediate & Junior notes

May 15, 1947
1946-47 Athletic Club -

Owing to unfavourable weather and some attendant difficulties, it was not possible to hold our annual " friendlies " with Blackrock and Synge Street. Our Athletic Team, as a result, did not have any try-out previous to the Leinster Championships. Lack of outstanding ability and a couple of spots of bad luck also contributed to make 1947 a lean year.

We did, however, have excellent material for a strong-running Senior Relay Team in Paul Cullen, Denis Connolly, Peter McCabe and Frank Maher; and but for a stroke of very bad luck they should have finished amongst the first in this season's Championships.

We must also pay tribute to the following who worked hard to keep the flag flying: R. Donovan, K. O'Flynn, J. Macnamara, A. Connolly, C. Kilgallen, B. Clancy. We had two Medallists in the Leinster Championships; J. Nestor (Intermediate Shot) 2nd place and P. Nicholl who ran second in the Junior 220. To both we offer congratulations in doing so well in a season when the standard was very high.