Castleknock College Union

1961-62 Athletic Club

Senior, Intermediate & Junior notes

May 31, 1962
1961-62 Athletic Club -

Athletics Notes

 Senior Captains:                              Laurence Cheevers, Paul Kirwan

Intermediate Captains:                   Michael Roche, Peter Roughneen

Junior Captains:                               Terry Grant, Fergus Meehan

THE fact that Easter fell so late this year meant that the time to prepare for the Leinster Championships was unusually short - a mere fortnight. A week after our return we had our annual meeting with Blackrock this year at home, while we were also glad to welcome small teams representing St. Paul's and St. Mary's: This fixture, held in pleasant weather, was thoroughly enjoyable. Although Blackrock, as usual, proved to be the stronger side our performances in some events, notably Senior Field, left us with reasonable hopes of doing well in the Leinster Championships.

On 16th May, the qualifying rounds of the Leinster Championships were held at Iveagh Grounds, Crumlin. This year the total number of competitors was 560 (as against 380 in 1957). It is obvious that to win a medal in such company, talent above the ordinary is required. This year, in an attempt to improve the running of the Championships, the organising committee decided to complete the Junior and Inter Field events on Wednesday, while the Senior Field events were begun and ended on Saturday. This experiment can hardly be considered a success. It meant that certain events took up to three hours or even more to complete, due to the fact that competitors had to go from one event to another.

Now, let us see how our fortunes fared in the various events. It is gratifying to record that our efforts in the Senior Field events were rewarded by the winning of the Olympic Trophy. This achievement was due to the successes gained by Laurence Cheevers, Walter Roughneen and Matt Russell, with a total of 11 points. In the Senior Shot competition was well below average, and Laurence Cheevers' winning putt of 45' 8" was mediocre. However, it must be said in his favour that in this, his final year at school, academic considerations prevented him from devoting the attention of previous years. As events later proved, the four points he won were most valuable. In the Senior Javelin Walter Roughneen easily headed the field with a throw of 155' 2"-his best-ever performance. Great credit is due to Walter for this success and we can look forward to big things from him next year. Matt Russell performed extremely well to gain second place in the High Jump, with an effort of 5' 6". Actually he ended even with Kelleher (Oatlands) when both failed at 5' 7" and neither had incurred a fault. However, Matt was placed second on the technicality that he began jumping at a lower height than his rival. In the Senior Track events, we did as well as we might expect. Laurence Cheevers ran very well to gain third place in the Senior 220 among high-class company. Paul Kirwan showed he possesses any amount of speed and we expect to hear much of him next year. Our Senior Relay, never considered a strong one, ran very well to reach the final, where they were placed fifth.

In the Intermediate Section we drew a blank. We might have expected Michael Roche to do better in the High Jump, but in very blustery conditions he failed to achieve his best and was eliminated. In the Inter Hurdles Peter Roughneen ran very creditably and when he improves - his technique he will do much better. In the Inter 880, Niall Kennedy ran much below form. However, it must be said that his training was upset through injury.

In the Junior Grade our best performer was Terry Grant who came second in the 7-lb. Shot with a throw of 45' 6¾"; while in the Long Jump he came third with 16' 1". On the track our best athlete was Fergus Meehan. He ran very gamely to reach the final of the 220 yards, where he was placed fifth.

The All-Ireland Sports were held at Ballinasloe on Ascension Thursday, 31st May. Laurence Cheevers improved on his Leinster performance with a putt of 48' 6¾', but this was only sufficient to gain third place. Walter Roughneen, handicapped by an injury sustained a few days previously, was barely edged out of third place in the Javelin. Easily our best performer on this occasion was Matt Russell in the High Jump. Matt added 3 inches to his best in the Leinster Sports and by any standard, his leap of 5' 9" was most praiseworthy. For his performances in public competition he well deserved the award of the Burke Trophy. Finally, Terry Grant won two medals for himself by gaining third place in the Junior Shot with a putt of 43' 9½'; while in the Long Jump he also gained third place with a jump of 16' 10".



12-lb Shot L.Cheevers 1st 45' 8” 12-lb Shot L.Cheevers 3rd 48' 6¾”
Javelin W.Roughneen 1st 155' 2” Javelin W.Roughneen 4th 152' 7”
High Jump M.Russell 2nd 5' 6” High Jump M.Russell 2nd 5' 9”
220 Yards L.Cheevers 3rd
7-lb Shot T.Grant 2nd 45' 6¾” 7-lb Shot T.Grant 3rd 43' 9½”
Long Jump T.Grant 3rd 16' 1” Long Jump T.Grant 3rd 16' 10”


  •  Olympic Trophy (Senior Field Events), Castleknock.
  • Burke Trophy (Best Public Performance), M. Russell.