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2003 Frank Maher Music Scholarships

2003 Scholars

Nov 26, 2002
2003 Frank Maher Music Scholarships -

6th Form Scholar, Alan Murrin

The Fr. Frank Maher Music Scholarships were awarded for the second year, made available through the generosity of Top Security whose Managing Director, Mr Emmet O'Rafferty is a pastman of the College. The Scholarships aim to promote the College's musical life, assist cultural exchange and promote young and talented musicians. Introduced for the first time last year, the scholarships are open to Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Year students and are awarded on the basis of a public performance. Winners of the scholarships receive tuition fees for all music lessons and associated activities. In return, they are expected to contribute to the musical life of the College.

The Scholarships have been created in memory of Father Frank Maher who had such a positive influence on all boys passing through Castleknock College during his time here from 1959 until his death in 1998. Fr. Maher's two great loves were Music and Rugby and it was through Rugby that Emmet and Frank came to know and understand one another. Knowing his great love of music and his interest in keeping it vibrant in the college it was felt that a Music Scholarship would be the most fitting and appropriate memorial to Fr. Maher. It is hoped that these Scholarships will foster interest in Music and help develop the skills of the dedicated musicians within Castleknock College.


Finalist: William Corr, Andrew Hough, Hugh McCafferty
Scholarship: Andrew Hough.
Mendelssohn - Venetianisches Gondellied
Scarlatti - Child Falling Asleep
Oritizand - Passamezzo
Handel - Sonata III
Finalist: Gary McGuiness, Ore Olunga, Shane Roche
Scholarship: Gary McGuinness
JS Bach - Sarabande
Grovner - Etude No 6
Goodnight - Ory Kill Logic
Finalist: Jamie Fox, Patrick Hanna, Sean Mahon, John David Mulcahy, Alan Murrin
Scolarship: Alan Murrin
JS Bach - Partita
Beethoven - Piano Sonata "The Tempest"