Castleknock College Union

40's Boxing Club

1943 & 1944 Bouts

Dec 31, 1943
40's Boxing Club -


THE BOXING CLUB had a very successful year, and evidence of its popularity was proved by a large membership. In the competition held towards the close of the year average high standard was manifest and many hard-fought and interesting fights were witnessed. The following were the results in the finals:

  • Fly: W. Lowe beat E. McCabe.
  • Bantam: B. Devlin beat D. Morgan.
  • Feather: E. McElhattan beat P. Cullen.
  • Light: J. Geraghty beat D. Downes.
  • Welter: J. Boylan beat B. Brennan.
  • Middle: J. 0'Neill beat P. Hopkins.
  • Cruiser: D. O'Connell beat J. Brennan.

D' O'Connell


THE DESIRE to excel in the noble art of self defence continues to entice large numbers into the boxing ring. The ring, indeed, has become quite a feature of the Junior play-hall and at the weekly boxing lessons Mr. Wilson has his hands full to cope with the many enthusiastic aspirants to pugilistic honours. It is remarkable what a few lessons from an expert can accomplish and under instruction the novice soon loses his diffidence and becomes quite a useful, if not expert boxer.

The Annual Boxing Tournament at the close of the year drew the usual large number of entries. Nothing daunted, by the fact that experienced, veterans and cup winners of past years were still on the fighting list, many newcomers appeared, eager to give battle. All gave a very good account of themselves. The following have qualified to meet in the finals of the different weights:-

  • Fly: T. McCarthy v. F. O'Neill
  • Bantam: W. Lowe v. E. McCabe.
  • Feather: K. O'Dwyer v. D. Morgan.
  • Light: P. Cullen v. B. Devlin.
  • Middle: J. Geraghty v. C. Crowley.
  • Cruiser: S. Barrett v. J. Fitzharris.
  • Heavy: J. Brennan v. N. McKnight or C. O'Flynn.

We wish once again to thank Mr. Wilson, our instructor, for his painstaking work with the Boxing class.