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A Bash in the Bath for '86 class 30th Reunion

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Dec 17, 2016


The 30 year reunion of the Castleknock class of 86’, on Saturday the 17th December 16, was a big success. There was even a prelude gathering, the night before, of a few who had travelled from overseas. In addition, a group of eight or so visited the college on Saturday afternoon to be shown around by our volunteer guides, Declan McDevitt, Ron McCarten and Fr. Peter Slevin.  Refreshments were provided and the lads had a good look around at all that had changed and all that had not. Hosts and guests alike enjoyed the visit and the chat. Afterwards Declan McDevitt said he was interested to hear what the past men, who assumed it was finally safe to do so, disclosed about the tricks and pranks they had gotten up to as boarders.

On Saturday, we met up before the Leinster v’s Northampton match to distribute tickets. Stephen Murtagh and Don Stack had procured 30 schoolboy tickets for the event. Thirty odd past men attended the match but a number of Munster (Alan Byrne) and Connacht (Conor Roe and Brian McSharry) supporters declined, nay refused to join us and instead headed  straight to the Bath where we all congregated afterwards. Leinster won so spirits were high although I think they would have been high anyway. There was a great atmosphere at the gathering with a lot of catching up between old friends. A couple of our teachers, Eddie Melvin and Dermot Byrne, even turned up. Many of us had not seen some of those present is the 30 years since we graduated from Knock in '86. In the continued communication between the group since, it has been suggested that we do the next reunion in 5 and not 10 years.