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Alex Fegan, class '97, Atom Films

"The Irish Pub" hits big screen cinema

Oct 4, 2013
Alex Fegan, class '97, Atom Films -

Alex Fegan – Director/Producer at Atom Films

Heartiest congratulations to Alex Fegan, class of '97, on the imminent cinema release of his new film - "THE IRISH PUB".

Many of you may remember that Alex produced the fantastic video for the College's 175th celebrations, but his CV extends way beyond that and already includes - SALT ‘N’ VINEGAR a TV comedy currently in production, ZEPHRA a short film for RTE, THE COURT ASTRONOMER written, directed and produced by Alex, and MAN MADE MEN, his first feature film which won Best Foreign Feature at the Arizona International Film Festival. Alex initially qualified as a lawyer, and practised in both Dublin and Cork before the lure of the big screen delivered him as the leading light at Atom Films. In his down time, he likes a pint of Guinness in a proper pub, where there are no TVs and the chat is mighty, which brings us to his latest film -


The film hits cinema screens in Ireland Friday Oct 4th and if the trailer is anything to go by, then he has a blockbuster on his hands. Now, a little support from past men just to make sure wouldn't go astray, so please do share the link to the trailer on your facebook, twitter or social "meeja" platform of choice.

The sharp eyed amongst you will also spot Willie Aherne, class '95 in the film as his family have run the Palace Bar in Fleet Street since 1946, when they purchased it for the princely sum of STG £27,000, a bargain many would argue in retrospect. One final Knock connection: Element Films are distributors and Andrew Lowe is co-MD there. Now Andrew is an Old Belvederian, but also the eldest son of the late John Lowe who was head boy at Knock in 1950, and no doubt one of his first pints would have been in none other than the Palace Bar.