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Build of New Junior School & Gym

New Building Fund

Jul 18, 1968
Build of New Junior School & Gym -

IN October 10th 1967 Messrs. C. Creedon and Sons started work on the site clearing for our new Junior school for first and second year students. The old alleys were knocked down and also part of the farmyard buildings. Work has gone ahead steadily since then and at the time of going to press we have every hope of making a start in the school for this coming September.

In March 1968 work started on the gymnasium, showers, changing rooms and new Junior refectory at the end of the present refectory block and main toilets. While it may not be possible to have all this completed for September it should be in commission shortly after the boys return.

I mentioned in my article last year that to finance such large scale developments the College had sold its outside farm and was intending to launch an appeal to all past students and friends. A small Appeal Committee under the Chairmanship of Professor D. K. O'Donovan and comprising Ray Carroll, President of the Union, T. A. O'Reilly, Peter Lyons, Senator Dr. Bryan Alton, Martin Winston, John Bolger, and Bobby Cuddy was set up and with the backing of the Union decided to employ the Fund Raising consultants Messrs. Hooker and Craigmyle. Mr. J . M . Sullivan was appointed our Resident Campaign Director.

For the purposes of the Fund Raising the country was divided up into about a dozen areas and for each locality a chairman and helpers were asked to arrange meetings. The first meeting was held in the College for the Dublin area on October 12th 1967. Professor D. K. O'Donovan was in the chair for this meeting and a most successful start was made to the Campaign. Subsequent meetings were held in Wicklow, Wexford, Waterford, Cork, Tralee, Limerick, Galway, Ballina, Dundalk, Belfast, Naas, Kilkenny, Longford. I went myself to all these meetings with Ray Carroll, D. K. O'Donovan and often some other members of the Committee. All of us are extremely grateful to the various area chairmen for their help and the hard work put into the organisation of the different meetings. It was for me personally a wonderful opportunity to meet so many of the Past all over the country and I would like to say a very sincere "thank you" to all past students who came to these meetings often after having travelled considerable distances. The kindness and hospitality that were showered upon us everywhere leaves all of us deeply in debt to the Past in many parts of the country.

It would not I think be invidious to mention the chairman for the different areas who were really the backbone of our appeal. Jim Moran in Wicklow, Henry Wilson in Wexford, Dr. Mattie Maughan and Declan Power in Waterford, John Burke in Cork, Paddy McElligott and Dan Nolan in Tralee, Dermot O'Donovan in Limerick, Dr. Alec Blayney in Galway, Brian Moylett in Ballina, Dr. Hugh Connolly in Longford, Peter Lyons in Dundalk, Joe Carbery in Naas, Willie Cleere in Kilkenny, Paddy Hopkins in Belfast.

Over and above these names two people in particular must be mentioned for the wonderful work they put into this venture and the success of which is largely to their credit, namely Professor D. K. O'Donovan and Ray Carroll. Both are extremely busy men and vet they found time to travel to these meetings all over the country during the last winter. D. K. as he is known to so many pastmen everywhere was engaged in many of the long drawn out discussions for the University merger, he also was heavily involved in the committee which was set up by the Government to reorganise and rationalise the hospital system of the country. In spite of all this and his "normal work" as well he found time to get this appeal off the ground and sustain it with tremendous enthusiasm and expert advice. His encouragement and inspiration at all times to the writer of this piece in going ahead with plans for the present extension of the College will be always gratefully appreciated.

That we had the firm backing of the College Union in our present project is I think in no small measure due to Ray Carroll, the President of the Union for the year 1967-68. By his great energy and keenness, his attendance at every single meeting all over the country, he told us in a most practical and encouraging way that he and the Union were more than ready to support the College authorities in their latest plans for improving the educational facilities and amenities. The Appeal has been an enormous success, to date £85,000 has been collected either by direct subscription or by deed of covenant over a period of years. That the Appeal has reached in a period of 9 months within £5,000 of the proposed target is due I think in a very particular way to the efforts, advice and help of these two very loyal Pastmen. I and the Community at Castleknock owe a deep debt of gratitude to them.

There is published at the end of the Chronicle a list of subscribers to the Building Fund. To each and every individual, Pastman or friend of the College we say sincerely thank you and may God reward your generosity. The practical help you have given us will make sure that this College, now in its 133rd academic year, will be able to face the future with confidence and to continue the work of Vincentian education equipped with the most modern facilities.



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Archer. Liam M. (Dublin) (1944-50). Lynch. Leo (Dublin) (1944-48).
Barniville. Dr. Henry T. (Dublin) (1939-44) Lynch. Dr. Matthew N. (Dublin) (1946-49).
Barrett. Donal (Ballina) (1941-46). Lynch. Stanislaus (Dublin) (1921-25).
Barrett, John G. (F.R.C.S.) (Cork) (1926-29). Lyons. Dr. John B. (Dublin) (1935-39).
Barrett. Liam (Dublin) (1957-60). Lyons. Peter V. (Drogheda) (1924-28).
Barrett. Seamus (Ballina) (1940-44). Lyster. Norman (Athlone) (1904-10).
Behan. Michael (Drogheda) (1932-35). McAlinden. John Bernard (Cork) (1949-52).
Beirne. Patrick W. (Dublin (1935-38). McOnn. Neil V. (Dundalk) (1939-41).
Bell. David (Dublin) (1933-38). McCarthy. Dr. Brian Gerard (Middlesex) (1940-45).
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Blake. Joseph (Enniskillen) (1945-52). McCarthy. Dr. Joseph A. (Kildare) (1917-20).
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Blavney. Dr. Alexander J. E. (Galway) (1931-36). McCoole. Patrick F. (Limerick) (1955-60).
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Boland. James (Dublin) (1940-47). McEntergart. Christopher (Navan) (1935-39).
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Bourke, Professor Geoffrey J. B. (Dublin) (1942-47). McKnight. Niall F. R. (M.P.S.I.) (Ballymahon) (1940-45).
Bourke. James Joseph (A.C.A.) (Castlebar) (1939-43). McMahon. Brian M. (Ennis) (1952-59).
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Brady. Very Rev. Kevin Canon (P.P.) (Dublin) (1905-06). McManus. John Gerard (Whitegate. Co Cork) (1947-53).
Brady. Richard (Navan) (1950-56). McManus. Thomas Joseph (Jnr.) (Drumshambo) (1951-55).
Breen. Patrick J. (Waterford) (1940-41). Macnamara. Dr. Donogh (Corofin) (1908-12).
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Bresnihan. Eoin (Castlebar) (1955-60). Maeee. Dr. Ignatius (Derby) (1924-29).
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Kellv. Dermot (Kilcock) (1930-34). Twomey. David (Castleisland) (1931-37).
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Lawler. Michael J. (Knocktopher. Co. Kilkenny) (1954-59). Woods. Dr. John Oliver (Armagh) (1946-52).
Leonard. John Daniel (Newcastle West) (1953-59).
Leonard. Michael Daniel McCartan (Newcastle West) (1954-60). Anonymous Gift (California).
Loftus. Leo J. (Ballina) (1945-49). Anonymous Gift (Dublin)
Loughney. Michael Gerald (Dublin) (1939-45). Anonymous Gift (Dublin)
Loughran. George G. (Dublin). Anonymous Gift (Dublin)
Louth. John T. (Arklow) (1931-36). Anonymous Gift (Dublin)


19th July. 1968 to 30th June. 1969

Benner, Roland (Belfast) (1947-53). McEntegart. Eucene M. (L.D.S.. R.C.S.I.) (Dundalk) (1952-54).
Bourke. John K. (Connecticut, U.S.A.) (1948-54). McGinlev. Niall (Letterkennv) (1950-57).
Brady. Dr. Philip (Enniskillen). McGoldrick. Dr. Donald (Albany. U.S.A.) (1955-60).
Burke. Raymond L. (Carrick-on-Suir) (1931-33). McGovern. James Niall (B.L.) (Dublin) (1934-39).
Burke. Robert P. (Dublin) (1946-49). McKenna. Seamus (F.R.I.C.S.) (Dublin) (1946-50).
Canning. Dr. Brendan St. John (Dublin) (1957-60). McKevett. Arthur (Dundalk) (1927-32).
Carbery, Daniel M. (Carlow) (1954-56). McKnieht. Dr. Liam D.G. (Monmouth. S. Wales) (1934-39).
Carbery. Jeremiah M. (Athy) (1957-59). Maguire. Sean P. (Longford) (1936-39).
Carbery. Joseph P. (Athy) (1922-24). Maher. Tom (Carrick-on-Shannon) (1951-56).
Carbery. Mrs. Kathleen (Carlow). Marks. James C. (Dublin) (1919-21).
Clarke. Dr. Roland (Killybegs) (1929-33). Martin. Richard P. (Jnr.) (Dundalk) (1949-52).
Clearv, Gerard Andrew (B.D.S.) (Essex) (1951-57). Moloney. Dermot J. (Cork) (1949-52).
Cleary. Michael F. (Carrick-on-Suir) (1948-52). Mooney. James P. (Belfast) (1945-49).
Coghlan. Rev. Donal (C.C.) (Dublin) (1925-27). Moran. Robert Joseph (Clonsilla. Co. Dublin) (1933-36).
Coleman. John V. (B.L.) (Dublin) (1931-33). Murphy. Redmond J. (Dublin) (1941-43).
Collier. John (Templemore) (1944-49). O'Connor. Desmond J. (Dublin) (1957-60).
Connolly. James & Co. Ltd. (Dublin). O'Donnell. T.F. & Co. Ltd. (Dublin).
Cosgrave. Liam (T.D.) (Dublin) (1935-39). O'Donovan. Vincent (B.L.. K.M.) (London) (1945-51)
Crowley. Timothy H. (Dublin) (1948-51). O'Dwyer. Lt. Col. Eamon Thomas (R.A.M.C.) (Germany) (1935-37).
Crowley. Vincent Conor (Dublin) (1941-46). O'Fhhertv. Dr. Kenneth Ambrose (Moville) (1940-45).
Currax George (Askeaton) (1947-52). O'Hanrahan. Mr. John (M.Ch.) (Roscommon).
Cusack. John (Mitchelstown) (1923-25). O'Neill. Joseph Staunton (F.C.A.) (Dar-es-Salaam) (1940-45).
Dartry. Ltd. (Dublin). O'Reillv. Edward G. (Deceased) (Rhodesia) (1911-15).
Davitt. Cahir F. (Dublin) (1941-45). O'Reillv. Thomas Patrick (Blanchardstown. Co. Dublin).
Delany. Edward J. (Kilcock) (1910-14). O'Riordan. Dr. John Bosco A. (M.B.. B.Sc.) (Dundalk) (1954-59).
Donworth. Jeremiah (Shannon. Co. Clare) (1951-54). Parle. James (Carrick-on-Suir) (1931-33).
Dowlev. Robert L. (Carrick-on-Suir) (1945-50). Ouinn. Brian Patrick (Dundalk) (1948-53).
Drew. Richard A. (Dublin) (1927-29) Quinn. Joseph Noel (Dundalk) (1947-53).
Duhig. John Patrick (Lucan. Co. Dublin) (1952-56). Quinn. James Oliver (Dundalk) (1950-56).
The Educational Company of Ireland. Ltd. (Dublin). Ouirke. Stephen (Kildare) (1942-48).
Fitzgerald. Patrick J. (Ontario. Canada) (1943-49). Riordan. John (Carrigrohane. Co. Cork).
Gallagher. William J. (Lifford and Dublin) (1954-61). Ryan. Dr. John Joseph (Limerick).
Hannan. Dr. Matthew John (MB. MRCPI) (Ballybunion) (1948-51). Shanahan. James (Kilmacthomas) (1941-45).
Harrington. Stewart (Dublin) (1956-61). Shanahan. Dr. Thomas Dermot (London) (1937-42).
Harrington. William J. (Dublin) (1954-59). Smyth, Brian F. (L.D.S.) (Dublin) (1935-39).
Hederman. Anthony J. (SC.) (1933-40). Smyth. Eugene J. (B.D.S.) (Belfast) (1938-43).
Hughes. Henrv (M.P.S.I.) (Blanchardstown. Co Dublin). de Lacy-Staunton. Hueh M. V. (Hone Kong) (1951-53).
Johnston. Mooney & O'Brien. Ltd. (Dublin). Sweeney, W. Joseph (Achill Sound. Mayo) (1923-29).
Keaney. J. Desmond (L.D.S.) (Manorhamilton) (1920-22). The Three Candles Limited (Dublin).
Kennedy, Joseph Gerard (B.D.S.) (Birr) (1923-27). Treanor. Dr. Walter John (California, U.S.A.) (1934-40).
Kilgallen. Dr. Thomas Garrett (Dublin) (1939-46). Walsh. Patrick J. (Dublin).
Larkin. Thomas (Grevstones) (1924-25). Walshe. Peter B. (Paulstown, Co. Kilkenny) (1924-27).
Lombard. Garrett P. (Gorey) (1953-56). Ward. Robin Desmond (Kilkenny.) (1959-63).
Lombard. Thomas Augustine (Dublin) (1951-56). Whelan. Ronald Thomas O. (A.C.A.) (Dublin) (1947-52).
Lyne. Dr. John Henry (Castletownbere) (1940-45). Wren. Matthew T. (Consulting Engineer) (Dublin).
McAlinden. Patrick (Belfast) (1919-23).
McAlinden, Patrick (Jnr.) (Belfast) (1963-67). One of the Past (Dublin).
McArdle. Anthony A. (Dundalk) (1949-52).
McArdle. Gerard (Dundalk) (1945-49). Anonymous Gift (In Memoriam—A Pastman).
McArdle. Oliver "Donal* Gowan (Dundalk) (1954-56). Anonymous Gift (Dublin).
McCabe, Michael (Dun Laoghaire) (1909-11). Anonymous Gift (Dublin).
McCarthy. Desmond (B.A.. B.A.I.) (Dublin) (1942-46). Anonymous Gift (Galway).
McDonagh. Dr. David John (Dublin) (1954-60).

This list has been checked before going to press but if any name has been omitted in error, please accept our apologies and notify us so that the omission can be rectified.