Castleknock College Union

Class '02 - Tenth Reunion Alert

Radisson Hotel, Galway

Jun 30, 2012
Class '02 - Tenth Reunion Alert -

Class of 2002, you're 10 years out this year and to celebrate this milestone, a reunion is planned for the week-end of 29th & 30th June 2012. Galway is the location and The Radisson Hotel the venue, where a group rate has been secured. Dinner is planned for 7pm on the Saturday but most people are planning to stay the Friday night as well, to participate in a full days of golf and other such antics. Cameron McDonnell and Marc Flood are your organisers and would be delighted to hear from you.

By our reckoning, 124 pupils, listed below, passed through the class of 2002 at some stage or other, so Galway will be a busy place come June 29th!