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Class of 1957 - 40th Reunion recap

Dublin, October 18th, 1997

Oct 18, 1997
Class of 1957 - 40th Reunion recap -

Peter Brandt who hopped over from Brussels

Saturday the 18th October 1997 was the date and Jury's Hotel the venue for the 40th anniversary of the Class of '57- Twenty two young at heart stalwarts met to celebrate the occasion and they were joined by Fathers Paddy O'Donoghue and Brendan Steen, Dean of Discipline and Prefect of Studies respectively in those bygone days.

Expatriates included Michael Smithwick who travelled from Carolina, USA as well as Peter Brandt and Noel Coughlan who hopped over from Brussels. Donegal was also well represented by Michael Kealy and Paddy Lalor both now permanently resident in the North West and also by a real Donegal man, Niall McGinley. David McCullagh who has been keeping in touch from New Hampshire and really looking forward to this occasion was unfortunately unable to travel on the date but was with us in spirit.

After a most enjoyable meal the after dinner chat more or less spontaneously erupted into an impromptu concert. Memories of Tonio and Lieutenant Rugini in "The Maid of the Mountains" were reawakened and Leo Morgan and John McElroy gave successive unaccompanied renditions of popular operatic arias. Like good wine, their voices have developed and matured since their days on the stage in the Junior Playhall.

The night was inevitably later for some than others but the big "L" in ten years' time was being tossed around before the celebrations eventually came to a close.

Brendan Ryan

Attendance and present location:

Eamon Cahill, Dublin
Michael Shelly, Dublin
Brendan Ryan, Dublin
Peter Stuart, Dublin
Niall McGinley, Dublin
Michael Cleary, Dublin
Leo Morgan, Balbriggan
Tom Slowey, Dublin
Peter Lyons, Dublin
Michael Kealy, Donegal
John Kingston, Dublin
John McElroy, Newcastle-on-Tyne
Aidan Brophy, Dublin
John Rowe, Ballina
Tom McMahon, Dublin
Owen Clyne, Clara
Derek Kilfeather, Dublin
Noel Coughlan, Brussels
Ray Doyle, Dublin
Michael Smithwick, Carolina, USA.
Peter Brandt, Brussels
Paddy Lalor, Donegal