Castleknock College Union

Class of 1958 - 40th Reunion recap

United Services Club, Stephen's Green

Jun 5, 1998
Class of 1958 - 40th Reunion recap -

Fr. John Doyle, Guest of Honour

40 Years seems a long time when you are just 17 years of age. But my, how the time passes. The re-union of the class of '58 demonstrated to me how short a space of time it really is! And yet how life has changed in that period. Out of a total of 51 in that year 25 turned out to greet one another, many for the first time in ten years or more - others from only the previous week! We were saddened to note that seven of our colleagues had passed away over the years.

The arrangement was to meet at 7.30 p.m. in the United Services Club, Stephen's Green, on Friday 5th June. Did someone remark this was the date we started our "Leaving".' But certain people got this wrong and went to the venue of our 30th re-union first. Is senility about to descend on us so quickly.' A strong Munster presence was a reflection of the year. Others came from the UK and locally. There were apologies from those further afield, some of whom had attended the last gathering but could not make it this time. After a fine meal, Bob O'Connor, who had arranged the function, brought us up to date with the activities and whereabouts of those who were not present. He then introduced our guest Fr. John Doyle who had the distinction, or otherwise, to teach us all at some stage during our time. Everyone remarked how fit and well he still looked. Fr. Doyle told us of life in the College to-day, comparing it with our time and how much it had changed. He recalled several amusing incidences concerning some of the colourful characters of the time. After dinner, and the usual struggle to get everyone together for a photograph etc., we retired to the bar, or elsewhere, to compare notes of the last 40 years. Who was retiring, who had changed careers, how many had become grandparents? Then we sat back for a while to enjoy the musical talents of the more gifted.

The evening went by so quickly, we seemed to have barely arrived when it was time to go, yet it was into the early hours before most of us departed. So where will we be when the 50th comes around and how will it be arranged? Who knows? I must record our thanks and appreciation to Bob O'Connor for all the research, work and effort he put into arranging this memorable evening.

Denis Nolan