Castleknock College Union

Class of 1961 - 30th Reunion recap

Shelbourne Hotel, 1991

May 25, 1991
Class of 1961 - 30th Reunion recap -

Stewart Harrington, Union President 1991-92

This was our third get-together since departing the gates for the last time. Not, as you might think, an orderly ten, twenty, and thirty year job, but a rather erratic nineteen, twenty six, and thirty' years. As on the earlier occasions, the meet took place in the Shelbourne Hotel, on the eve of the English match.

On this occasion, we had a turn-out of twenty six out of the fifty four survivors from the class. We had regrets for inability to attend, and best wishes, from Austin Cody, busy managing the Brandon Hotel in Tralee, Fergus Dunlea, Willie Coonan, Dermot Cribbin, Andrew Cox, Val Daly, Barry Doyle, Dermot Walsh, Colin Brennan from London, and James Masterson, doubtless still sporting the magnificent wine waistcoat with which he graced the College some thirty years ago. Each either had a prior commitment or expected to be out of the country on the day.

It was a particular pleasure to welcome Paul Murphy, long resident in California, who wouldn't have danged-well missed it for anything. Also our most famous yachtsman, Harold Cudmore, who had travelled from the Isle of Wight and who went some way, during the course of the evening, towards recovering a touch of his temporarily mislaid southern lilt.

Alan Duggan also turned in, having missed our last reunion because it clashed with a reunion of former Lions. Alan was looking as fit as ever. Rav Lund was in splendid form, and was inclined to the view that a small number of those present had been fortunate beyond the ordinary in maintaining the colour of their respective thatches. He was quite insistent on the point.

Conor Dooley decided to spruce things up by turning up in formal dress, and promptly found himself the subject of orders for drinks. Conor also proposed that our next meeting should be in his neck of the woods, namely Birr, Co. Offaly, and offered to arrange family outings on the Grand Canal, golf, etc.

Also in attendance were John Blair from Cork, Hugh Hanly from Sligo, Stephen Flynn from Limerick, Des Murphy from Rosslare, Don Palmer from Waterford, Victor Stafford from Wexford, John Cleere from Kilkenny, and a heavy contingent of Dubs, including Vincent Coleman on a break from the Four Courts.

Stewart Harrington, President elect of the Union, was very much in evidence, and suggested that as many as possible should attend the Union Dinner this year, and also the annual golf outings, or in the case of non-golfers, the meal afterwards.

Noticeably absent was Dan McAllister, now living in Wisconsin, U.S.A.. who had been instrumental in organising the previous two reunions.

John Sheedy, who organised the reunion, confessed to having collected more than was strictly required to cover the cost of the evening , and it was, perhaps, an indication that the Vins had not struggled entirely in vain with us that the vote went in favour of sending the excess funds to another classmate, Fr. Paul Roche, C.M. in Lagos.

The class also opted for another reunion in five years, which was a reflection on how thoroughly everyone had enjoyed the evening. Roll on 1966! Well, perhaps not quite so fast.