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Colm Callan & other Rugby Notes

1948 Triple Crown

Jul 1, 1948
Colm Callan & other Rugby Notes -

Colm Callan

Irish Rugby enthusiasts will long remember the 1947-48 season as being the occasion when Ireland won the Triple Crown. We are glad to record that three of our Pastmen contributed to the attainment of this much-coveted honour. COLM CALLAN, reckoned as one of the best forwards to represent the country, played in all the international matches this season. He missed the Wallabies' game owing to injury. He has every reason to be proud of the fact that he helped to win the Triple Crown. Colm has now eight" Caps" to his credit and, judging by his present form, he should add considerably to this number. Incidentally, he is establishing a name for himself in Insurance circles. He is an inspector of the Norwich Union Insurance Company and operates in the Louth and Meath areas.

CHARLES HANRAHAN (1916-20) and EDDIE LIGHTFOOT (1919-25) were members of the "Irish Five" this season and it is not invidious to say that by their knowledge of the game and their experienced judgement, they helped to mould the successful Team. Charlie has been an Irish selector since 1944, and as a player, has twenty " Caps" to his credit. He possesses a scientific knowledge of the game, and his own experience in the Irish pack is invaluable to him. Eddie, over a number of years a Leinster selector, was elected to the Irish Five this season. Amongst Rugby followers, Eddie is very popular and a great personality; and by his sound practical judgement, coupled with his genial and affable disposition, has fully deserved the honour conferred upon him. Eleven times "capped" for Ireland, he will always be remembered for his determined and wholehearted efforts as a wing threequarter.

The Alma Mater congratulates all three!

Other Pastmen to figure prominently in the Rugby world in this season were

  • IGNATIUS MAHONEY (1922-26), President of the Munster Branch, I.R.F.U.
  • JAMES REARDEN (1926-29) an old International and this year's President of Constitution R.F. Club.
  • Five Castleknockmen were on the Dundalk team which won the Provincial Towns' Cup - NEIL MCCANN (Captain), LARRY STEEN, PADDY and BERNARD HALPENNY and FRANK JOHNSTON.