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David Gleeson, Class '70 - Australian update

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May 7, 2013
David Gleeson, Class '70 - Australian update -

David pictured as NSW Rural Fire Service volunteer

David Gleeson, Class '70, was one of three bothers from Chapelizod who attended the College in the 70's. We knew David had settled in Australia but were delighted to trip across the details via the Dublin Dental Hospital alumni review (reproduced below). We wish David well in his busy retirement.

“I graduated from Trinity in 1979. I worked in the UK for two and a half years, in the Portsmouth area. Whilst there, I met and fell in love with an Australian veterinarian, Hendrika. After my enjoyable stint in England, I returned to Dublin and worked in association with my father Des Gleeson in Chapellizod.  My family and I lived happily in Kill co Kildare for five years. In 1987 my wife and I moved to Sydney NSW. To this day I still happily reside at Avalon beach on the Northern Beaches of Sydney.

On arriving in Sydney (where I knew nobody) I acquired a job in the dental clinic at Mona Vale District Hospital. I spent 18 months here and in that time, I became acquainted with a local dentist named Peter Collins .I spent  the next 20 years in a successful association with Peter in a practice in Dee Why. In 2009 I sold my practice and did some locum and part time work on the Northern Beaches.

Since retiring in 2009, I discovered my altruistic side, pursuing a voluntary role with the Rural Fire Service of NSW where I actively engage in roles such as hazard reduction burns and bush fire management. I have also had the opportunity to work at the Department of Forensic medicine, where I practised as a Forensic Odontologist. I volunteer my services once a month at the Cerebral Palsy Clinic on the Northern Beaches and in addition to this I provide my services to the Red Cross once a month, where I attend asylum seekers, providing emergency dental care.

Early in 2013 I was appointed to the role of Community Relations Officer (CRO) with the Australian Dental Association. This was the first time in my life I had to compile a CV or undergo an official recruitment process. My job as a CRO involves providing dental advice and services to the community of NSW and the ACT. The service I provide contributes to the development of community awareness and education in the area of oral health. I love this job and feel its testament to the old adage that it’s never too late!”