Castleknock College Union

Keogh & Presidents Cup 1997 Champions

Terry Grant, '66 & Ray Carroll, '82

Sep 4, 1997
Keogh & Presidents Cup 1997 Champions -


In 1997 we had our spring outing (although held in the summer) on June 5th in our traditional spring/early summer venue, Milltown Golf Club and our Autumn Outing on September 4th in Co. Louth Golf Club, Baltray. Both outings were held on what is uniquely referred to in this country as "soft" days, although many would argue that a force 9 gale, complimented by 9ft high rough in Baltray is hardly soft by any stretch of the imagination. Equally, many would claim that the golf in Milltown had many of the features that we would associate with water sport (i.e. loads of water/rain).

However, both venues were of their usual excellent best with the quality of the courses, the friendly welcome and the superb catering, enjoyed by everyone, competing or indulging, or both. We were honoured to be joined at our celebration dinners and prize givings by the Captains of both clubs, Mr. Paul McLoughlin in Milltown and Mr. Olan Allen in Baltray. Both were extremely generous and complimentary of the traditions of the union.

The winner of the superb presidents prize in Milltown was a local lad made good, Ray Carroll Junior. The Castleknock Cup held in Baltray was also claimed by a local resident, Mr. Terry Grant. Both turned in fantastic rounds under difficult conditions, where perseverance was the order of the day in each case.

In 1998, due to internal hooking difficulties our outing in Milltown has been put back to Thursday 16th July. However, we are assured our traditional early June Thursday spot will become available in 1999. The date for Baltray is set Thursday 3rd September.

Stephen Conway