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Michael Heverin, class '92

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May 11, 1927
Michael Heverin, class '92 -

M. J. Heverin, B.A., Solicitor

Michael was eldest of three brothers from Castlebar who were with us during the early 'nineties ahead of James, '94 and Joseph, '96.

He matriculated in '92, and having passed the Solicitors' Preliminary Examination and the entrance to Trinity College, he served his apprenticeship to his uncle, Farrel McDonnell, Roscommon. In 1898 he obtained his B.A. degree, and in the same term was sworn in a Solicitor, having the distinction of being the last solicitor in Ireland to be sworn in in open court. In 1900 Michael was elected Secretary of the Roscommon County Council, which position he held until December, 1921, when he tendered his resignation. On the death of his uncle in I904 he carried on the business of Farrell McDonnell and Co., Solicitors, Roscommon.

Lately Michael and his family have removed to London, though he still carries on his profession in Roscommon. It is hoped by his many friends that he and his family will come back to reside in Ireland again.