Castleknock College Union

Murphy, McEllin & Bradshaw Tennis Champions

1927 - 2009

Jun 8, 2009
Murphy, McEllin & Bradshaw Tennis Champions -

Joe Murphy, 06 & the Murphy Senior Tennis Cup

Tennis has a long unbroken tradition at Knock, witness this report from the 1926 Chronicle -

On the 13th June. Union Day. four Davis Cup players—Meldon. Scroope, Allman-Smith and Maguire—arrived to give an exhibition match. They played three sets—Allman-Smith and Meldon winning. Great interest was shown in Scroope's service. The action was extraordinary. It is a puzzle! All were high in their praises of the new hardcourt, the players included. That shows it is a good one.


We beg to acknowledge, with appreciation and gratitude, the kindness of our past man of class '06, Joe Murphy, LDS, RCSI, in presenting a Cup for Championship Singles in Tennis for the College students. Joe himself is a tennis player of outstanding merit. His generous action will, we feel sure, stimulate a keener interest in tennis in the College, and we hope that his wish may be fulfilled—to wit, that we will in the future turn out some champions from Castleknock.

That it did for the Murphy Senior Tennis Cup has been played for every year since, and Joe Murphy would have witnessed quite a few of those finals which were played on Union Day, most notably in 1947 as he was Union President that year. Joe died 17 Oct 1966.

In 1979 thanks to the kind donation of Ward McEllin, class '73, the McEllin Intermediate Tennis Cup joined the roster focused on emerging tennis stars in third and fourth year. In 1991, our long serving College tennis coach, Aidan Bradshaw, donated the Bradshaw Junior Tennis Trophy in memory of his son Darryl, class '86. First and second years have played for this trophy every year since.

The respective winners (albeit with some gaps which we are hoping publication may help to fill) are as follows:

2009 Tobin, Michael O'Donnell, Jonathan Rocca, Patrick
2008 Smyth, Gareth Murray, Colin Slevin, Brian
2007 Digney, Cormac Murray, Colin Burke, Jack
2006 McLoughlin, Conall Murray, Colin Digney, Cormac
2005 Ryan, Neil <not recorded> Digney, Cormac
2004 O'Connor, David Weldon, Richard Faughnan, Joseph
2003 O'Connor, David Ryan, Neil Smyth, Gareth
2002 Mahon, Barry Ryan, Neil Ryan, Neil
2001 Quigley, Robert Mahon, Barry Ryan, Neil
2000 Lennon, Fiachra <not recorded> <not recorded>
1999 Lennon, Fiachra Kelly, Peter Mahon, Barry
1998 Lennon, Fiachra Mulvihill, Fearghaill Hurley, Denis
1997 Moore, Kevin Lennon, Fiachra Quigley, Robert
1996 Moore, Kevin Lennon, Fiachra Tobin, Mark
1995 Phelan, Christian Moore, Kevin Lennon, Fiachra
1994 Phelan, Christian Connellan, Barry Samuel, Dupe
1993 Greely, Kevin Phelan, Christian Moore, Kevin
1992 MacDonald, Keith Phelan, Christian Connellan, Barry
1991 MacDonald, Keith O'Hare, Domhnall Corcoran, Alexander
1990 Carter, Andrew Greely, Kevin
1989 McKenna, Stephen Greely, Kevin
1988 Carter, Andrew Leonard, Gregory
1987 McKenna, Stephen McKenna, Stephen
1986 MacMahon, Brian McKenna, Stephen
1985 MacMahon, Brian MacMahon, Brian
1984 Reynolds, John MacMahon, Brian
1983 Stone, Declan Dowley, Douglas
1982 McAreavey, Paul <not recorded>
1981 McAreavey, Paul McAreavey, Paul
1980 McGovern, Paul McAreavey, Paul
1979 Fitzsimons, James
1978 McGovern, Paul
1977 Shanahan, Liam
1976 Higgins, Pierce
1975 Steen, Laurence
1974 Ledwith, Adrian
1973 Cooney, Mark
1972 Dennehy, Thomas
1971 Dennehy, Thomas
1970 Dennehy, Thomas
1969 Dennehy, Thomas
1968 Phelan, John
1967 Smithwick, John
1966 Grant, Terence
1965 Grant, Terence
1964 Grant, Terence
1963 Casey, Joseph
1962 Maguire, Frank
1961 Maguire, Frank
1960 Murray, John
1959 Murray, John
1958 Casey, James
1957 Cleary, Gerard
1956 Cleary, Gerard
1955 Cleary, Gerard
1954 Cleary, Gerard
1953 McNamara, Peter B.
1952 Moore, John
1951 McGovern, Laurence
1950 McGovern, Laurence
1949 O'Donoghue, Walter
1948 Cleary, Thomas
1947 O'Donoghue, Jerry
1946 <not recorded>
1945 Moylett, Brian J. F.
1944 <not recorded>
1943 O'Donoghue, Hugh N.
1942 <not recorded>
1941 Mackesy, John
1940 Steen, Brendan
1939 Steen, Brendan
1938 Meagher, Oliver W.
1937 Cosgrave, Frank
1936 Cosgrave, Frank
1935 Cosgrave, Frank
1934 Murphy, James H.
1933 Shaw, Malachy
1932 Dwyer, Frederick C.
1931 Hughes, Edward
1930 Hughes, Edward
1929 Feeney, George
1928 Feeney, George
1927 McElligott, Desmond