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Oceans 11 in New York City

New York Reunion

Jun 12, 2015
Oceans 11 in New York City -

Pastmen in the America's last met up back in 2012 when Stephen Murphy, class '83, stepped up to the plate as chief organiser. Well Stephen once again repeated the dose, so Friday 12 June, 2015 the Oceans 11 crew met for a reunion in NYC. They took the "Chef's Table" at the Pier A Harbor House, albeit only 10 showed so should have selected a different film title!

By the looks of the below (blurry) after shot, a good night was had by all. Mention was made of a new Perry Como in Paul Galligan? And although only 10 strong they gave a rousing rendition of TANGO TANGO "from the top of our lungs", so much so that the 100 plus other diners were bemused beyond comprehension with the final - Come on Knock  K-N-O-C-K  Knock!

USA 2015

L-R Back row: Barry Ahearn '99, Sean Reynolds '80, Stephen Murphy '83

L-R middle row: Richard Nash '88, Stephen O'Neill '83, Michael Davitt '82

L-R Front Row: Ciaran Byrne '03, Paul Galligan '81, Shane Lennon '85, Gerry Doyle '82