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SVC WWI Honour Roll

Provisional Draft

Oct 26, 2016
SVC WWI Honour Roll -


The cover photograph aboveĀ is a one page feature from the Herald Magazine published in Dublin on 15 Apr 1916. It catalogues the large number of Knock men who were then serving at the front. Similar Honour RollsĀ are also found in the 1916 & 1917 chronicles, but thereafter the chronicles are mostly silent on the SVC contribution to the war effort.

To mark the centenary of WWI, the Union aims to sponsor a collaboration between teachers and students at the College, past men and descendants of past men, parents and all others with an interest in WWI. The ultimate goal is to complete and publish the definitive SVC WWI Honour Roll. Thus far we have established 356 past men served 'with the colours' and 51 lost their lives in that cause. A PDF copy of the provisional draft can be downloaded at the link below -

SVC WWI Honour Roll

It is not yet the finished product as undoubtedly will include errors and omissions, and there are many stories yet to capture and add to the document. If you have any information or can help in any way, then please email the project team as they would be delighted to hear from you.