Castleknock College Union

SVC WWI 'Pals' by Dr. Patrick McCarthy

A tribute to the SVC 'Pals' of D Company, 7th Royal Dublin Fusiliers

Oct 27, 2016

100 years ago, the experience for those who played rugby after SVC was somewhat different than now, for then the IRFU called for a 'Pals' company. 250 answered that call to fight at the front and only 79 returned unscathed from their first campaign in the Dardanelles. A tale of heroism, valour and folly (for this was Churchill's Iraq).

Nine of the 'Pals' were SVC old boys and only five of them survived the war.

We are indebted to Pat McCarthy, Secretary of the Military History Society of Ireland for this illuminating talk given 26 Oct 2016 at St. Vincent's Castleknock College as part a WWI Commemoration Evening hosted by the Union.

So 100 years later we salute the SVC 'Pals'.