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The Bagnelstown Farrell duo

Where are they now

May 3, 1964
The Bagnelstown Farrell duo -

Dr. Tom Farrell

We were glad to meet again after a long period Dr. Tom Farrell (1931-38). He travelled from the north of Yorkshire down to the London Dinner last winter, a proof of his interest in his old school friends. Tom went to the College of Surgeons after leaving 'Knock and qualified as a Doctor in 1945. He was House Surgeon in the County Hospital, Kilkenny, for a year and then went to the Coombe Hospital as Clinical Clerk and then to Peamount Sanatorium. He returned to his native Muinebheag to help his father, who was the local G.P. He remained there a few years during which time his father died. Then, in 1950, having married, Tom went to Yorkshire and set up practice in Middlesborough. He described his work as completely industrial and he is in partnership with two other doctors.

He has five children in his family, one son and four daughters. His chief interests are motor cars, motor racing, photography, model railways. He approves in a practical way of the Red Cross and, having attended the Civil Defence Staff College in Sunningdale, gives lectures on Civil Defence.

Dr. Michael Farrell (1931-36), a brother of Dr. Tom, qualified in 1942 and went to Rochdale General Hospital and later the Coombe Hospital, Dublin. He then joined the Royal Navy and after various postings, went with the Canadians to France on D Day. Surviving this holocaust, he was sent to India as M.O. for the Royal Navy in Singapore. After the war, having left the Services, he worked in Sully Sanatorium in Wales and took out his D.P.H. Degree in University College, Dublin. He then entered the Public Health Service and is now in Mohill, Co. Leitrim.

Michael is married with three children.

We congratulate Michael and Tom on their success and wish every blessing on the two families.