Castleknock College Union

Union Debate 2020

Mar 10, 2020
Union Debate 2020 -

Last Thursday evening out at the College we held our annual Union Debate with the motion being “This House Believes That Toxic Masculinity Remains Prevalent in Irish School Culture”.

Recent pastman Ciarán O’Flynn (Class of 2019) opened the case for the proposition and set out some strong arguments. Myles Kirby (Class of 1994) immediately refuted with a typically humorous showing and pointed out the lack of masculinity on the part of pastmen who failed to put themselves forward to debate!

The College students more than acquitted themselves on the evening with some very strong performances. It was more than apparent that the quality of training they are receiving is of a very high standard and in that regard credit is due to the tremendous efforts of Mr Sam Bordiss and Ms Ciara Lawlor.

As adjudicators Pat Cooney and Dick Wafer retired to deliberate, the floor was opened and most impressive was the honesty of students who made some very intriguing observations. It was a good complaint that the floor debate could have lasted long into the evening but Pat Cooney finally took the stage to announce the winner. After a bumpy and slightly nervous start that quickly transitioned into a superb free flowing speech with style, it was decided that Sixth Year student Ronan McCooey had stood out the most and would take home the big prize.

Mr Colin Townsend spoke at the end of the event and commented on the importance of this event and that it was one which was embraced by the College.

Congratulations to Ronan on a great performance and becoming the first student to win this award in its five years. The large crowd in attendance once again was evidence that this event is doing well. The plan now will be look at ways to enlarge this debate to a bigger audience and do a keep an eye out as we may just start recruiting our pastmen fairly early for the next edition so we can definitely take back the Union Debate Cup!