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Union Dinner 2017

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Oct 14, 2017
Union Dinner 2017 -


Union President Colin Murtagh, even though a long standing Lansdowne FC member, decided it was time for a change and took the Union Dinner to the Radisson Blu in the shadows of St. Patrick's Cathedral. By the evenings end, 175 guests heartily agreed with him for all rated the food, service and ambience as excellent.

Very Rev Peter Slevin, CM, and Oliver Murphy spoke on behalf of the College and the final awards of long service SVC medals were presented to our now retired teachers of yesteryear. Brian O'Connell, class '71, was similarly recognised for his sterling service as Union Debate moderator these last few years.

We had a fundraiser on the night as Andrew McDonnell, class '04, spoke eloquently about fellow classman, Conor Scully, aged 32, who was recently diagnosed with Frontal Lobe Dementia. The very generous room raised €3,375 on the night which will go towards helping Conor’s cause. We all wish him and his family well.

The serous business of dining and drinking then continued late in to the night down Ely way, but fear not for a 10pm cut-off was adopted for the attached photos.