Castleknock College Union

Darryl Bradshaw, class '86

In Memoriam

Aug 31, 1982
Darryl Bradshaw, class '86 -

On a Summer's day Radio Eireann midday news told of an accident with Darryl Bradshaw being listed among the victims.

For his classmates and indeed for all associated with the College this was indeed a shock — that so promising a 2nd year student was taken from us. So very recently, Darryl's photograph had been taken for his College tennis and rugby teams that it was all the more tragic. Academically too he was going places with a special interest in matters scientific and electrical. It was this latter trait that enabled him to do something that both mystified the Dean in Junior House and endeared him to his classmates. I am referring to his providing of incessant cups of hot tea or soup from a secret location and secret power point, during the great "freeze-up" of the early springtime. A further characteristic that fully rounded off a well developed personality — not common among 14 year olds — of being so engaging and helpful to those younger than himself.

May the good Lord welcome Darryl, and give consolation to his father Aidan Bradshaw (College tennis coach), to his mother and to the other members of the family.