Castleknock College Union

Henry Casey, class '15

In Memoriam

Feb 15, 1956
Henry Casey, class '15 -


Pastmen will have heard with regret of the death of Father Henry Casey, CM. Henry was the youngest of three brothers at Knock following in the footsteps of the late Mr. Justice Charles Casey, class '13 and Willie, class '11 who was killed in action at the Somme.

Henry came to Castleknock from O'Connell Schools and entered the Vincentian Novitiate at St. Joseph's, Blackrock. After his ordination his first appointment was to the Irish College Paris, and after a year there he was appointed to Castleknock, where he taught Maths and Science. A brilliant mathematician - he had his M.Sc. degree from the National University - he left Castleknock in 1929 to take the post of Lecturer in Mathematics in St. Mary's College, Strawberry Hill, where he remained until the outbreak of the War when he volunteered as an Army Chaplain.

At the end of the war he returned to the Irish College Paris to relieve Fr Pat Travers who had spent the war years there. For health reasons he was brought back to St Joseph’s where Fr. Tom Donovan, a contemporary from both O’Connell Schools and SVC. asked him to lead on classes in Canon Law.

The ill health finally took its toll and Henry died 15th February after a long illness.

Requiescat in pace.