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JOHN WARD, class '72

In Memoriam

Mar 18, 1941
JOHN WARD, class '72 -


FR . JOHN WARD, CM, who died in Dublin on 18th March, 1941, at the ripe age of 85 years, was a very remarkable man, a very saintly priest, and an outstanding missioner. He worked all over Ireland and Britain, but the speaking of that period, says : " John Ward was never known to break a rule."

He joined the Vincentian Congregation in 1877, and was ordained priest in 1882. Then followed a glorious ministry of almost sixty years.

In Scotland, especially in the archdiocese of Glasgow, the name of Fr. Ward is held in honour and reverence, though it is 30 years since he laboured there. Indeed it would be fairly true to say that Fr. Ward struck his highest point in Scotland. He went to the Lanark House of Missions in 1898 when he was in his 42nd year, and gave the next thirteen years—the best of his life—to the Scottish missions. During all this time he never spared himself, and if he was not gifted with a wonderful constitution, he would never have survived the hardships of that period.

The last thirty years of the missioner's life were spent in the Vincentian House, Phibsboro', Dublin. Direction of Ecclesiastical students and of nuns of various institutions, formed his chief occupation. There is one body which owes more to him than any other and that is the Congregation of the Sisters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul.

Many Castleknock boys will remember his retreats in the College, for he gave many of them. Father Ward loved the College, and few could speak of it as he so often did. He frequently came out to visit it and never grew tired talking about it.

And now he is gone to the reward of a long life well spent.

Requiescat in Pace.