Castleknock College Union

Joseph R. Ward, class '15

In Memoriam

May 1, 1962
Joseph R. Ward, class '15 -

Joseph R. Ward, died at his home, Kilcloon House, Dunboyne, Co. Meath, in June of last year. Although he had been ill for some time we had great hopes of his recovery and his death came as a shock to all of us here in the College and to his many friends and acquaintances. The Ward family have long connections with Castleknock, Joe's father and his three uncles - as reported in the 1938 Chronicle - were all students at the College in the late sixties and early seventies of the last century.

There was a long tradition of farming in the Ward family and it is not surprising that on leaving the College Joe went back to the land, and at his home in Dunboyne fanned extensively. He specialised in cattle and sheep. Almost every year his exhibits won prizes at the Christmas Fat Stock Show in Dublin. He won many prizes also over the years for his Shropshire Sheep at the Royal Dublin Society's Spring Show. He was a keen huntsman and for many years hunted with the Ward Union Staghounds and the Meath Hunt. Coursing was also one of his pastimes and his entries gained many successes at this sport, including the Belsize Cup, the Mayo United Cup, the Louth Hunt Cup and the Clarke Cup (twice).

Joe was always a loyal supporter of the College and paid us the ultimate honour in sending his four sons, - Michael (1943-48), Raymond (1944-51), Dermot (1946-53) and Patrick (1950-56) - to 'Knock.

He took a keen interest in the College farm and when we had occasion to consult him, which we frequently did, for his advice or assistance in our problems he was always willing and eager to help. He was also a frequent visitor to the College and it was noted that he seldom if ever failed to attend the pastmen's retreat.

Of a quiet and friendly nature, Joe Ward was a great favourite with everybody. A generous and kindly man, a good mixer and neighbour, he will be greatly missed by his many friends in farming circles in Co. Meath and beyond, by his contemporaries at Castleknock and indeed by all who had the privilege of knowing him.

Requiescat in Pace.