Castleknock College Union

Laurence Ward, class '71

In Memoriam

Jul 19, 1938
Laurence Ward, class '71 -

WITH the death of Mr. Laurence Ward, Clonee, which took place on 19th July, 1938, there passed to his eternal rest the eldest member of a family which has been long and honourably associated with the traditions of our College.

Born eighty- years ago, Laurence Ward could, at the end of his share of years, look back upon a life steadily and soberly spent in public and private service. His public career was interesting. At an early age he occupied the position of Chairman of the Dunshaughlin Board of Guardians, and he was a member of the Meath County Council from its first meeting in 1899 to 1908, as well as being a prominent member of that body's various committees. His public influence was constantly used to give yeoman service in the cause of Catholic representation and advancement in public life, and, with Mr. P. J. Kennedy of Enfield (another past Castleknock man), he was for many years the only joint representative of Catholicism on the Grand Jury of Meath.

In his private capacity he was known as an extensive and successful farmer, and if in his later years he enjoyed a well-deserved rest from his public activities, he continued to the end to take an active interest not only in his own affairs, but also in those of wider interest to all good citizens. The rewards of a sober and well spent life manifested themselves in his excellent health and steady nerves. He had always been a splendid shot, and used his gun with his usual deadly accuracy barely a month before his death.

He has passed, we are sure, to the reward of a full and useful life, leaving one son to succeed him. His three brothers, who survive him also, are all past Castleknock men, and one of them—Father John Ward—is a well known Vincentian.

Requiescat in Pace.