Castleknock College Union

Michael Ward, class '75

In Memoriam

Feb 5, 1946
Michael Ward, class '75 -

Michael Ward, Staffordstown House, Dunboyne died on 5th February, 1946 in his eighty-sixth year. He was the youngest of four remarkable brothers, all Past students of the College. The names of Father John Ward, CM, Laurence and Patrick, will have been familiar to all readers of the CHRONICLE.

Michael was a very lovable character. He was deeply religious and one was impressed with the spirit of lively faith that animated his daily life. Truly, he was a strong Catholic and an honest man. Of a very charitable disposition, he was very generous in his donations, not only to the Church but also to all charitable organisations.

A very successful farmer, he enjoyed a great reputation for breeding only the best cattle and like his brothers, Laurence and Patrick, he was well known on the Dublin Cattle Market. His judgement on the price and quality of cattle was highly respected and greatly valued.

His son, Joe is carrying on the farming successfully. To him and to all the relatives, we wish to tender our sincere sympathy on the death of a well-beloved Pastman.

Requiescat in Pace.