Castleknock College Union

Willie Morrogh, class '07

In Memoriam

Sep 30, 1969
Willie Morrogh, class '07 -

We have received news of the death, last September in South Africa, of Willie Morrogh aged 78. Born in Cork in 1891, he attended Castleknock from 1901-1907.

On leaving the College, he worked for some years in the Morrogh Woolen Mills, Douglas. With the outbreak of the First World War, he enlisted and saw active service until it ended. He then went to South Africa where he married and entered the Stock Broking Business. He enlisted again during the Second World War and saw active service in North Africa.

William was one of nine brothers who attended the College at the turn of the century, and no fewer than six of these “Family of Soldiers” served with distinction in World War I, including William who was awarded the Military Cross and promoted to Corporal.

Requiescat in Pace.