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'77 at SVC & Castleknock Hotel for 40th Reunion

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May 13, 2017
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The '77 reunion kicked off with a morning round of 9 holes of golf at the Castleknock Golf Club with 2 four balls. Was it age or that there would be a long night ahead- all were happy that it was just long enough to save energy for later.

We then returned to SVC.

Very Rev. Peter Slevin, CM, celebrated memorial mass for our six deceased colleagues. We were also privileged that Kieran Sheehans' sister Catherine spoke to us briefly after communion about Kierans' life. If anyone would like to share some of your memories of Kieran, Catherine would love to hear from you - if only just a line via email. It was quite poignant, and to a degree helped all of us that didn't have the opportunity to attend his funeral mass due to the sudden and tragic nature of his passing.

Eddie Melvin and Dick Wafer then brought us on a guided tour of the college. For some, who hadn't been in the college for 40 years the transformation was astounding. All the old dormitories have long since been transformed into classrooms. But it was great to see the retention of the refectories, the priests area and the Alton Library & Assembly Hall. The new gym and changing rooms are a magnificent sight. All then adjourned to the priests ref for refreshments for further catch up, stopping at the Presidents Office to line up for a half day!

Off to the Tower Suite in the Castleknock Hotel for dinner which was superb. It was just great to get into the good company of old friends and catch up on 40 years. Those who weren't present and unable to attend were not forgotten either as JM brought everyone up-to-date on our absent friends by giving us a few lines about everyone. And naturally they were toasted too. Eddie Melvin treated us to a very upbeat rendition of Blueberry Hill with a great backing Do de do de do dah. After that it went on into the small wee hours.

Many thanks to the organizers John, Robert and Joe, and an honourable shout-out to Mark MacWhite for the great photos.

All are already looking forward to our next reunion.