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A message from Mr Oliver Murphy

New College Headmaster

Nov 1, 2009
A message from Mr Oliver Murphy -

Oliver Murphy, College Headmaster

The greatest honour which I have ever received in my working life was when the Board of Governors of Castleknock College invited me to be their new Headmaster. I was to succeed Mr Andy McGeady, who had assembled a fantastic staff and overseen the development of the wonderful academic campus at Castleknock. It would be a hard act to follow.

Castleknock College is a magnificent school with a rich history - always under the steady, guiding hand of the Vincentians. I wonder if there is a more beautiful college in the country. Every morning as I drive in, I find myself uplifted by the stunning grounds, the ivy-clad buildings, the castle ruins and the hill.

But what makes Castleknock College great is the people who work and live in it. There is a youthful, energetic, generous, hardworking staff. The Vincentians and the Board keep an eye that everything that we do would meet with the approval of our founder, St. Vincent de Paul. Parents play a huge role through Core Groups, PRA, committees - and especially when they give everyday encouragement to their sons to do their best. Past pupils are always there in support. But most of all, it is the students themselves which make the school such a special place. They are happy, industrious, open, cheerful and welcoming. They have made every day that I have worked here worthwhile.

To everyone at the College, I want to say thank you for making me feel so at home here. Together we will make this College into the greatest in Ireland. Watch this space.