Castleknock College Union

Vice President - Headmaster

SVC 1835 to-date

Sep 3, 2009
Vice President - Headmaster -

Frank Maher, CM

SVC Vice-President, 1972-89


SVC opened for business in 1835 with a management troika of President, Vice-President and Dean, and that became a quartet in 1869 with the Prefect of Studies post. Of these the Vice-President invariably had already held office as Dean or Prefect of Studies, and as deputy to the President, was effectively his successor in waiting.

For the first 158 years, twenty-two Vincentians held this office, most of whom were pastmen and nine subsequently went on to serve as College President. The last but one, and one of the most loved, Frank Maher, CM, at 17 years service is second only to James Lynch, and Richard Creagh Bodkin, who both served for 23 years.

Peter J. Slevin, CM, was the last Vincentian to hold this office, 1989-93, but he did so whilst also holding down the Prefect of Studies mandate, 1987-93, like Matthew Barry, Michael Walsh and Donal Cregan had done so before him. That double-jobbing earned Peter a much needed sabbatical, but not for long, as he returned as College President in 2005.

At the conclusion of Peter's term,  the role became one of Headmaster. Andrew McGeady was the first so appointed and served with distinction for 16 years, 1993-09. His successor is the current incumbent, Oliver Murphy.

The Vice President line thus continues at SVC to this day but now as Headmaster.

TERM HEADMASTER past pupil note
2009-** Oliver Murphy, BA, Dip. PR, HDE    
1993-09 Andrew McGeady, B.Comm., HDE    
1989-93 Peter J. Slevin, CM   4
1972-89 Frank Maher, CM class '47  
1969-72 Matthew Barry, CM class '55 4
1959-69 Maurice Carbery, CM class '25  
1957-59 Thomas P. O'Flynn, CM class '35  
1950-57 Michael J. Walsh, CM class '30 4
1947-50 Donal F. Cregan, CM class '30 2
1932-47 John P. Campbell, CM class '93 3
1919-32 Alexander McCarthy, CM class '03 3
1916-19 Vincent McCarthy, CM class '03 2
1909-16 Richard Creagh Bodkin, CM class '63 3
1907-09 Edmund Comerford, CM class '90 9
1891-07 Richard Creagh Bodkin, CM class '63 3
1888-91 Thomas Hardy, CM class '64 8
1885-88 Michael J. Galwey, CM class '74  
1882-85 James Moore, CM   1
1874-82 Peter Byrne, CM class '58 6
1873-74 James Kelly, CM    
1870-73 Malachy O'Callaghan, CM class '46 5
1866-70 Philip Burton, CM class '41  
1858-66 Peter Duff, CM   1
1835-58 James Lynch, CM   7

1 President  
2 Prefect of Studies and President  
3 Prefect of Studies
4 Dean, Prefect of Studies and President
5 Dean and President
6 Dean and Prefect of Studies
7 Dean
8 Bursar and President
9 Bursar