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Sep 1, 1998
SVC Head Prefects 1835-1998 -



The Dean at Castleknock College, like all boarding schools as it was then, needed help when the professors departed for home after classes. So since 1835 the system of prefects has operated, whereby anything up to twenty senior boys assisted in maintaining order in dormitories, study halls and all other areas outside of the teachers classroom.

These prefects were all powerful especially so in the earlier years for whilst it was the Dean who administered punishments, most of his referrals arose from pupils being "sent" by prefects. They were a class apart and became known as the “Top Walk” after the area between the Chapel and the crease which was reserved exclusively for their use.

In 1968 the "Top Walk" gave way to the new Gym and with that vernacular usage of that term then also lapsed. The system of prefects however continues to this day albeit now with nothing like the same absolute powers or privileges.

Head Prefects

Within their number, first amongst equals were the select few elevated as Head Prefects.

In the earlier years, several served for consecutive years, as students then could stay at SVC to read 1st & 2nd Arts. The College was also a seminary at that time, so others like Richard Bodkin of Memorial History prize fame, was Head Prefect in 1863-64, 1864-65 and then again in 1869-70 when he returned as a seminarian.

George Campbell holds the record in this regard for he was Head Prefect for the five years 1858-63. His entry in the Vincentian necrology reads:

George Campbell (Drumcondra, 14 May 1906, aged 63) was from Templemore, Derry. He joined the community in 1863 aged twenty-one, and was ordained in 1867. He taught scripture and canon law in the ICP up to 1893, when he returned to Ireland and was in Drumcondra for the rest of his life. He used his personal money to finance the completion of the main building in Castleknock, with the erection of the end block for the infirmary, with the present community dining room on the ground floor. He also financed the new, street-level, sacristy in Sunday’s Well, and there is a plaque commemorating this.

Donal Cregan and Denis Twomey were the last pair to serve consecutive terms in 1928-29 and 1929-30, and Donal like so many others went on to become a Vincentian of some repute.

Thereafter Head Prefects were two in number, until growth in pupil numbers saw that increase to three by 1946, four by 1970 and then to cater for the dual constituencies of day and boarding, eight for the years 1990 through to 1998. That then was the end of the line for whilst the SVC system of prefects continues to this day, in 1998-99, the College moved to appointing one Head Prefect, but who now went by the resurrected name of House Captain.

Listed below are the 392 Head Prefects who served for the 163 years from the opening of the College in 1835 through to 1998.

Head Boys all.

1997-98 David Barry, Barry Dempsey, John Duffy, Ronan Fallon, Thomas Foley, James McElroy, David McEntee, Kevin Murtagh, Alan O'Neill, Andrew Whitty
1996-97 Roger Byrne, Michael Johnston, Brian Kinsella, Aodh MacFhionnbhairr, Henry McIvor, Colin Murphy, Eamonn O'Sullivan, Barry Wafer
1995-96 Moses Balagadde, David Casey, Stephen Daly, David Devine, Paul Grimes, Robert McAuley, Ronan Menton, Ian Murphy, Richard Walsh
1994-95 Finbar Brown, Donnacha Daly, J. J. Dowling, David Doyle, Declan Lee, Aidan McCullen, Hugh O'Dwyer, Mark Woods
1993-94 Stephen Byrne, Alan Glendon, Victor Loan, Ronan MacNioclais, Fergal Naughton, David Power, Michael Sheary, Owen Walsh
1992-93 Ronan Delaney, Robert Dunne, Patrick Farrell, Ivo Fay, John Flynn, Paul McCabe, John McCarthy, John Ring
1991-92 Barry Doyle, Peter J. Harrison, Ciaran Hope, Andrew Loughman, Owen Mathews, Tony McIvor, Jonathan Neilan
1990-91 Brian Bannigan, Brian Brady, Mark Doyle, Michael Harnett, Daniel Higgins, Marc McSharry, Peter Mullan, Brian Wafer
1989-90 Derry Moran, Alan Nohilly, Shane Nolan, Karl Noonan
1988-89 Richard Brophy, Shane Carthy, Robin Cunningham, Charles O'Neill
1987-88 Cormac Johnston, Philip Kenny, Richard Nash, Neil Naughton
1986-87 Brian Cullen, Donagh McGowan, Andrew Nolan, Michael Wymes
1985-86 John Darcy, William Fitzgerald, Rory McGovern, Bryan McSharry
1984-85 Vernon Crowley, Luke Healy, David Kerr, Conal O'Heriihy
1983-84 Ronan Carthy, Ian Kelly, Paul Nolan, Richard Rohan
1982-83 John Brady, Joe Fogarty, Ted Sheils, Eoin Tiernan
1981-82 Raymond Carroll, Karl Gaffney, Ciaran McGuckian, Alan Rowe
1980-81 David Hamilton, Declan MacQuillan, Maurice Mason, Raoul Masterson
1979-80 David Donegan, Patrick McCann, Conor McCarthy, Peter McHugh
1978-79 Bernard Halpenny, Joe Daly, Declan Joyce, David Lyne
1977-78 Jeremy Cotter, John Edwards, Joseph Mullan, Mark Peters
1976-77 Gerard Cleary, Tim Collins, Peter Kinsella, Ken O'Flaherty
1975-76 David Buckley, Brendan Fuller, Paul MacQuillan, Bill Shipsey
1974-75 Andrew Marsh, Gerard O'Flaherty, Rory O'Meara, Maurice Shipsey
1973-74 Sean Grant, Bryan Maher, Neil McCann, Timothy O'Hanrahan
1972-73 James Brindley, John Crinion, John Lindsay, Ward McEllin
1971-72 Daniel Boland, David Clarke, Aidan Feighery, Cathal Louth
1970-71 Patrick McElligott, Thomas O'CalIaghan, Brian O'Connell, Hugh Scanlon
1969-70 Peter Hay, James Lawler, Conor O'Toole, William Shannon
1968-69 Eamonn Faller, Eamonn O'Dwyer, Michael Walsh
1967-68 Patrick Broe, David Hanrahan, Brian McGovern
1966-67 Alec Blayney, David Gunne, Bernard O'Rourke
1965-66 David Browne, Arthur Cunningham, Ciaran Feighery
1964-65 Ronald Cudmore, James Kelly, Anthony Steen
1963-64 Brian Bresnihan, Conleth Feighery, Charles O'Hanlon
1962-63 Diarmuid Brereton, Eric Farrell, Patrick Lafferty
1961-62 Conal Cunningham, Niall Fitzpatrick, Edmond Quinlan
1960-61 Thomas Ewing, George Reilly, Victor Stafford
1959-60 Robert Bastow, Neil Garvan, Anthony Lyons
1958-59 Dermot Dorgan, William Phelan, James Pierse
1957-58 Robert Glynn, Niall Hannon, Patrick D Walsh
1956-57 Owen Clyne, Donal Flynn, Myles Rearden
1955-56 Richard Brady, John Langan, Thomas Lombard
1954-55 Patrick Gaffney, John Glynn, John O'Neill
1953-54 John Bourke, Brian MacMahon, Peter McNamara
1952-53 John Kelly, Patrick O'Flynn, Henry Slowey
1951-52 Simon Clyne, Philip MacNamara, David O'Neill
1950-51 Laurence McGovern, Bernard Moran, Raymond Ward
1949-50 John Cleary, John Lowe, James Morrin
1948-49 William Casey, Thomas Duggan, Noel Mullan
1947-48 John Bolger, Brendan Guerin, James Morris
1946-47 Daniel Morgan, William O'Neill, Maurice Shipsey
1945-46 Stanislaus Brindley, Conor Crowley, Brian Mullan
1944-45 Cahir Davitt, Colman Healy
1943-44 John Cooney, Hugh O'Donoghue
1942-43 Patrick Browne, Kevin Steen
1941-42 Donald Hickey, Charles O'Rorke
1940-41 Michael Cosgrave, Timothy Lee
1939-40 Patrick O'Neill, Brendan Steen
1938-39 Patrick Healy, Patrick Lawler
1937-38 David Bell, William Hederman
1936-37 Kevin O'Hagan, Laurence Steen
1935-36 James Halley, Bartle Sinnott
1934-35 Martin Dyar, Patrick Dunning
1933-34 Leo Gibson, William Aalders
1932-33 Leo Gibson, Hugh Finlay
1931-32 Thomas Cashin, Hugh Finlay
1930-31 Michael Gibson, Richard O'Brien
1929-30 Donal Cregan, Denis Twomey
1928-29 Donal Cregan, Denis Twomey
1927-28 John Flynn, Vincent Sheehan
1926-27 Arthur Conan, Eddie Fitzgibbon
1925-26 Maurice Carbery, Killian Kehoe
1924-25 Frank Meagher, Killian Kehoe
1923-24 Edward Cullen, John McCarthy
1922-23 Desmond Grant, Richard Derham
1921-22 Denis Cavanagh, James Shaw
1920-21 Michael Doyle, Frank O'Leary
1919-20 Charles Hanrahan, Charles Horan
1918-19 Bertie England, James O'Connor
1917-18 John Delargy, Edgar Hanrahan
1916-17 William Meagher, Cyril O'Neill
1915-16 William Meagher, John Kinneen
1914-15 John Bolger, Kevin Morrin, Henry Delaney
1913-14 Leo Nugent, Dominick Bailey
1912-13 Henry Delaney, Thomas Austin
1911-12 Thomas Donovan, Thomas Austin
1910-11 Thomas Donovan, Francis McDonnell
1909-10 Vincent Steen, John Sheehy
1908-09 Timothy Collins, William Hastings
1907-08 Thomas Hickey, Thomas Murphy
1906-07 Thomas Hickey, William Stanley
1905-06 Pierce Higgins, Vincent McQuillan
1904-05 John Hurley, Henry O'Connor
1903-04 Michael Nolan, John Hurley
1902-03 Edward O'Kelly, George Carroll
1901-02 Edward O'Kelly, George Carroll
1900-01 Edward Meehan, William Coleman
1899-00 Edward Meehan, William Coleman
1898-99 Edward Meehan, Simon Donovan
1897-98 John Ryan, James Bennett
1896-97 Joseph Lavery, Peter Fegan
1895-96 William Dwyer, Peter Fegan
1894-95 William Browne, Joseph Leonard
1893-94 Lube Peart, Denis Keane
1892-93 Stanislaus Power, John Ryan
1891-92 Michael Gorman, Charles Bourke
1890-91 Michael Gorman, Thomas McCarthy
1889-90 Joseph Brady, Edmund Comerford
1888-89 Thomas Gavin, Andrew Moynihan
1887-88 Thomas Gavin, George Cunningham
1886-87 Thomas Lawless, George Cunningham
1885-86 Thomas Lawless, John Tighe
1884-85 Joseph Slattery, James McDonnell, John Tighe
1883-84 James Dunphy, Paul Cullen, Joseph Sheehy
1882-83 James Dunphy, James Rooney
1881-82 John Lavery, Michael Kiernan
1880-81 Daniel McCarthy, Eugene Gavin
1879-80 Robert Jones, John McGuinness
1878-79 John Conran, Robert Jones
1877-78 John Conran, Martin Whitty
1876-77 Patrick Dowling, Patrick McNamara
1875-76 Patrick Dowling, Patrick McNamara
1874-75 Patrick Dowling, Michael Maher
1873-74 John Flynn, Simon Donovan
1872-73 John Flynn, Simon Donovan
1871-72 John Flynn, Simon Donovan
1870-71 Dan Brosnahan*, Louis Bean*, Maurice Quish*, Joseph Walsh*
1869-70 Cornelius McEnroe*, Richard Bodkin*
1868-69 Thomas Hardy*                                             *sub-deans
1867-68 John Leahy, Louis Bean
1866-67 John Leahy, Michael Foran
1865-66 Charles Cahill, Michael Foran
1864-65 Richard Bodkin, Michael Foran
1863-64 Richard Bodkin, Thomas Hardy
1862-63 George Campbell, Patrick Leahy
1861-62 George Campbell, Joseph Hanley
1860-61 George Campbell, Joseph Hanley
1859-60 George Campbell, Joseph Hanley
1858-59 George Campbell, John McParland
1857-58 John Kenny, James Potter
1856-57 Peter Kelly, James Potter
1855-56 Peter Kelly, Joseph Nolan
1854-55 Felix MacNulty, John Carrick
1853-54 John Shepheard, Nicholas Donnelly
1852-53 Michael Molloy, Joseph Quinn
1851-52 Michael Molloy, Gerald Hunt, Thomas O'Reilly, John Mulqueen
1850-51 Philip Carberry, Michael Gibney
1849-50 Joseph Hickey, Michael O'Neill, Matthew Russell, James McCoy
1848-49 Joseph Hickey, John Cantwell, Barnaby Kelly
1847-48 James Mulligan, Denis Gleeson
1846-47 James Mulligan, Denis Gleeson
1845-46 Malachy O'Callaghan, Thomas Murphy, Daniel Sullivan
1844-45 Malachy O'Callaghan, Thomas Murphy
1843-44 Malachy O'Callaghan, Lawrence Byrne
1842-43 Denis Heyfron, John O'Rourke
1841-42 Denis Heyfron, Hugh Ingham
1840-41 Peter McGrane, Matthew Kavanagh, Laurence Murray, Patrick Moran
1839-40 Peter McGrane, Francis O'Beirne
1838-39 John Lynch, Francis O'Beirne
1837-38 John Lynch, Christopher McGrane
1836-37 Michael O'Reilly, Christopher McGrane
1835-36 Michael O'Reilly, Christopher McGrane