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Sep 30, 2016
SVC House Captains -


Back in the day, the senior student body met to elect a House Captain who was to lead them in football. Initially that would have been rugby football, then association football, but after rugby once again took hold in 1910, the House Captain was elected to lead the SCT. By the 1970's and perhaps earlier, this had changed to coach appointed SCT Captains and the tradition of House Captain lapsed.

In 1988 SVC resumed the tradition of House Captain, but for this second coming, the mandate was 'Head Boy' and not rugby related.

Initially the role involved an elected House Captain sitting alongside the Head Prefects, but very much as the pupils man - a defence counsel so to speak. This changed in 1998 when the College retired the 163 year old system of Head Prefects in favour of an appointed House Captain. So whereas when elected, the House Captain invariably wasn't a prefect, now and ever since he is the Head Prefect but now goes by the name of House Captain.

This resulted in two House Captains for the 1998-99 change-over year, Noel Curran as appointed and Ian Hopkins as elected. Ever since House Captains have been appointed as have Vice-Captains since 2007-08.

Listed below are the forty boys who have served in these roles since 1988-89.

As it happens, three are 'chips off the old block' as Peter Mullan, Ted Robinson and Brian Collins were also SCT Captains.

Head Boys all.

2016-17 Jack Horgan, Alexander O’Farrell
2015-16 Conor Stinson, Conor O'Hare
2014-15 Steven Spillane, Dara Friars
2013-14 Tadhg Hanlon, Sean McEntagart
2012-13 Liam Hawkes, Stephan Quinlan
2011-12 Cormac Fagan, David Baigel
2010-11 Jack Hurley, John Lawler
2009-10 Brian Woods, Daniel Griffin
2008-09 Gerald Barry, Conor McCrossan
2007-08 Liam Townsend, Liam O'Connell
2006-07 Conor Barry
2005-06 Brian Collins
2004-05 Alan Hickey
2003-04 Eric Flanagan
2002-03 Eoghan Cusack
2001-02 David Bowles
2000-01 Patrick Duffy
1999-00 Robert Leonard
1998-99 Noel Curran, Ian Hopkins
1997-98 Christian Hayes
1996-97 Ted Robinson
1995-96 Cathal Kelly
1994-95 Aidan Brett
1993-94 Myles Kirby
1992-93 Patrick Rowe
1991-92 Conor Doherty
1990-91 Peter Mullan
1989-90 Adrian Kelly
1988-89 John Pierse