Castleknock College Union

Union Committee 2017

2016 AGM appointments

Dec 6, 2016


At our AGM held on the 6 Dec 2016 in the College, Colin Murtagh, class '83, succeeded Lorcan Tiernan, class '88, as Union President and Oisin Quinn, class '86, was elected President-Elect for 2018. We would like to thank Lorcan for his hugely successful year in office. He has set the bar very high but we have every confidence that Colin and Oisin in turn, will match and exceed that standard in the years ahead.

Thankfully we will not be losing Lorcan entirely for he now joins with twenty six of his predecessors as a past president ex-officio member of the committee. We are also fortunate that none of Ian Garrigan, Aidan Feighery and Johnny Lynch were up for re-election, so all continue in office as Junior President, Honorary Treasurer and Honorary Secretary respectively.

We also welcomed back the "last of the Vin. Hon. Sec's" as Paschal Scallon, CM, has agreed to resume as Joint Honorary Secretary, a role he last held 1993-96. Paschal who is a pastman, class '80, after many years in Phibsboro has now returned to the College as the new Chairman of the Board of Management.

This allowed for Rita Coyle to finally retire after eighteen years of immense service.

  class of  
President: Colin Murtagh 1983 email
President Elect: Oisin Quinn 1986 email
Junior President: Ian Garrigan 2009 email
Honorary Treasurer: Aidan Feighery 1972 email
Honorary Secretary: Johnny Lynch 1993 email
Joint Honorary Secretary: Paschal Scallon, CM 1980 email
class of     class of  
Geraldine Corrigan PTA email   Mark Curley 2006 email
Barry Walsh 1983 email   Jonny Cosgrove 2006 email
Peter Cooke 2004 email   Jack Hurley 2011 email
Cronan O'Donnell 2004 email   Cormac Fagan 2012 email
College President: Very Rev. Peter Slevin, CM email
College Headmaster: Oliver Murphy email
  class of - term   class of - term
Lorcan Tiernan '88 2016 Mannix MacKenna '71 2001
Conor McCarthy '84 2015 John Loughran '73 2000
Terence O'Rourke '72 2014 Michael Collins '74 1999
Colin Duffy '87 2013 John Fitzpatrick '63 1998
Conor Mallaghan '88 2012 Paul MacQuillan '76 1997
David O'Donnell '84 2011 Maurice Davitt '52 1995
David A. Bell '83 2010 Stewart Harrington '61 1992
Fergus O'Rafferty '69 2009 David Bell '38 1990
Kevin McGowan '63 2007 Patrick O'Callaghan '50 1987
Philip Halpenny '71 2006 Thomas J. O'Reilly '60 1986
Peter Quirke '68 2005 Joseph H. Downes '44 1982
Paddy Shortall '56 2004 Liam Cosgrave '40 1980
John Kearney '77 2003 John Cooney '44 1974
Victor Stafford '61 2002
class of - term   class of - term
Stephen Connolly '04 2014-15 Warren Barry '03 2006-09
Stephen Boyle '01 2012-13 Brian Dunleavy '99 2004-05
Ciaran Brady '01 2011 Patrick Farrell '93 2001-03
Keith O'Neill '01 2010 Peter J. Harrison '92 2000

On the Committee front, Billy Gallagher, class '61, retired after a remarkable 21 years service. This we only accepted on Billy's assurance that he would continue as lead organiser for the Good Friday Retreat, a role he has performed admirably these last 16 years.

New blood is always required so we were delighted to see Cronan O’Donnell and Peter Cooke, both class '04 and Cormac Fagan, class '12, elected to the committee and Mark Curley, class '06 re-elected for a further three year term. Geraldine Corrigan, Barry Walsh and Johnny Cosgrove, not being up for re-election, also continue to serve.

Stephen Connolly, class '04, as with all past Junior Presidents, becomes an ex-officio member of the committee.